Dragon’s Lair Trilogy Now Available for PlayStation 4

Carl Williams writes, "Fans of classic arcade games will probably remember Dragon’s Lair as a seminal title. It almost changed arcade games, if not for that pesky high cost to play and develop. Hand drawn animation, great audio, and a challenge level that was through the roof (partly because it cost so much to learn the ropes). Well, not only is Dragon’s Lair available for PlayStation 4, so is Dragon’s Lair II: Time Warp and Space Ace."

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FallenAngel198489d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Dragon Ball FighterZ
Dragon’s Crown Pro
Dragon Quest XI
Spyro the Dragon: Reignited Trilogy
Dragon Quest Builders 2
and now Dragon’s Lair Trilogy

2018 is a great year to rock the dragon on PS4

Nyxus88d ago

Ordered the physical LR version yesterday.

rainslacker88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

Man, didn't even know they had this coming. Glad I could get the collectors edition at least. Would have also liked the regular edition, so I could open it and play it. But think I'll just get the digital version since I just found the $10 credit for having a PSVR. Love these games, takes me back to my childhood.:)

Nyxus88d ago

I buy a lot from Limited Run. You should subscribe to their newsletter if you don't want to miss out on anything, some stuff is gone within minutes so you got to be ready. :P

Dark_Overlord88d ago

It doesn't help when they announced Dragons Lair less than 24 hours before it was on sale, it's shit like that is why they have such a bad name.

rainslacker88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

I am subscribed. Have quite a few of their games. I just don't tend to always check my email, and sometime I don't keep up.

Its all good though. As much as I like what they're doing, I can't go through trying to order these games every time, because its often a hassle. Sometimes I get lucky, or I will actively go for it, but now it's more for games I know I'll really like. More often than not though, I can find one 2nd hand by someone desperate to sell their 2nd or third copy at the same price or reduced because they miscalculated the demand.


I didn't know they had a bad name. I don't like how they open up orders for games, because it's a nuisance, and I couldn't usually be there online trying to get copies which would quickly sell out.

Ive met a couple of the mighty rabbit, who own limited run, from when I was in school.and they were just starting on smrpg. They were pretty cool guys, and I know they do.this because they really like physical and gaming in general. Im not good friends.with them, and I doubt they'd remember me after all these years, so no inside source for their games😥

gangsta_red88d ago

Will definitely be getting this just because

InMyOpinion88d ago

Never understood the charm of these games. I think they're awful.

rainslacker88d ago

They were quite impressive for their time. Basically just a QTE game, and none have really matched their quality in art or presentation since the good ol' arcade days.

CorndogBurglar88d ago

A QTE game that didn't tell you what buttons to press...

rainslacker88d ago

True. They did highlight the general area you were supposed to go...Sometimes. believe the trophy for this is to finish on hard where you don't get that

InMyOpinion88d ago

The only thing impressive was the presentation. There was little to no gameplay and it was all trial & error. That's why I never liked them.

88d ago