Dragon’s Lair Trilogy Coming to Nintendo Switch

Carl Williams writes, "What you can expect in the box is going to be Space Ace, Dragon’s Lair 1, and Dragon’s Lair II: Timewarp. These were all three very well known Full Motion Video games in arcades back in the day. For decades companies have attempted to bring these games home in arcade perfect fashion. For decades those same companies failed in some form or another – most often graphically. Early attempts such as the Sega CD, and even 3DO, version was a degradation in the graphic quality. With games known for their smooth animation and high quality sound, it kind of hurts to have grainy video."

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stefd75127d ago

good news indeed, my fav game of all time

chris235127d ago

is the switch capable of fmv? but then again, the dragons lair engine is 30+years old. should play flawlessly on that non console.

Neonridr127d ago

fmv are basically video files. Why wouldn't the Switch be capable of it? The Sega CD did crappy FMV back in the 90s.

are you serious?

pietro1212126d ago

Why coudn't the Switch run a game like Dragon lair?

Einhander1971127d ago

Certainly one of my favourites as well, absolutely love Dragons Lair. The art style, the sound, timeless stuff.

sampsonon127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

ok, usually could care less about Nintendo and the Switch but this is really cool.