Red Dead Redemption 2 Shipping Delays Feared For Best Buy Orders

New shipping emails are causing some ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ fans to confirm release details with Best Buy.

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Skankinruby91d ago

I second this, I'll have my copy immediately

Skull52190d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Yep, my copy is downloading as we speak. No question digital is the only way to go. Enjoy your time looking for a copy of the game kids, while it’s right in front of you.

Actually I take that back, it’s not kids looking for physical copies because they know the glories of digital, it’s the people who gamed with cartridges that are resistant to change.

xRacer74x90d ago

@Skull521, No its the kids they want to be able to borrow and let others borrow their games. Im 43 and and have gone 90% digital for my games since the X1 arrived.

fiveby990d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Well I went physical through best buy as I still have the gamer's club discount for another year. 20% discount was hard to pass up. Plus I set up my purchase for in-store pickup so luckily no issues expected. I think the email to users was a mistake on BB's part.

jimbost7990d ago

Ill probably have my physical copy a day before the official release as usual.

P_Bomb90d ago

I’ll earn $10 off anything in the store by buying this physical. I’m not resistant to a good deal.

Probably gonna be 150GB+ one day, once all the forced DLCs and MP patches are done. Digitally, this game’s a pain in the arse. We have too many games installed as is to keep elephants in the room. I’ll be done and deleting by the end of Dec.

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arkard91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

and no ownership, hooray!

JackBNimble91d ago

Ya right... Keep spreading the BS

Skankinruby91d ago

Never once have I felt an ounce of consequence for my digital library.....just sayin

jagermaster61991d ago

Oh go cry somewhere else....oh and also go play RDR2 later than everyone else lol.

lazyboyblue91d ago

I'm getting disc version too. But it's worth pointing out that with digital youve not got a disc to keep safe. Their homes could burn to the ground but theyd still be able to download their games in the future.
Try throwing your RDR2 disc out and asking Sony for a replacement. 🤣😂

Eidolon91d ago

I have stuff I purchases digitally in 2007 still in my library. Try keeping a disc safe that long, it takes at least some effort, VS none.

brando00891d ago

Also no risk of damage with digital

rebeljoe1491d ago

Youre right buying digital means that if online services were off you’re shit out of luck cause your games will be locked from access

PrematuaProcrastin8a91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

You do realise you have no ownership over the data on the physical disc? Take your time and go read the EULA if you don't believe me.

xenz90d ago

Not correct. A good example would be P.T., even after they removed it from PSN you could still play it if you had the game downloaded.

That tells me that if PSN were to shut down, I would still keep my downloaded games.

tiredanddone90d ago

Why does the pro digitil group always push digital only on everyone? o.o I'm fine with both, but prefer physical cuz I enjoy actually owning a physical copy to put on a shelf.

Their pro digital arguments make no sense usually. They insult those that like physical, post long rambling rants why it's the future, or just give some nonsensical reason why its the bestest everzors.

Oh wait, I just figured out who they are and why they do it, since that description fits.... another group lol

subtenko90d ago

all the games I bought physical would have made no difference if i bought them digital besides the discounts that are now now more. So since everything is $60 everywhere I might as well get it as soon as it hits 12AM and have it predownloaded.

ziggurcat90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

you're paying for the same license whether you buy digital or physical, so there's no difference in the ownership.


no. not true at all.

arkard90d ago

@ziggurcat the difference is the ability to resell. Cant believe publishers got you all believing that there is no difference in physical/digital. No wonder micro-transactions and dlc are here to stay, bunch of gullible people that eat up whatever publishers tell them to.

ziggurcat88d ago


I was speaking more to the ownership rights with regards to the game's license as opposed to one's ability to trade in/resell the physical copy - you presented the argument that you didn't own a digital copy when, in fact, there's no difference in the ownership of the license whatsoever between the two version. Being able to trade/resell the physical copy is just one advantage physical has over digital, but that doesn't mean you own the game more, you just have the freedom to recoup some of the money you spent.

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nommers91d ago

You can’t sell it back if you don’t like it though.

jagermaster61991d ago

Maybe you should get game fly if you have that kind of mentality.

rdgneoz391d ago

With Rockstar's record, you really think you won't like the game and return it in a week or two? The online part will just be coming out.

KwietStorm90d ago

I even keep my shitty games, so don't care about resale either.

rainslacker90d ago

You can sell it even if you like it. Not everyone keeps their games, nor plays them for hundreds of hours over multiple years. Most people don't even finish a game. Eventually, for most gamers, they're going to move on from the game, and many of them will sell their game.

subtenko90d ago

sell it for 15 dollars yea a ripoff. you should rent it not buy it

arkard90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

15$? maybe a crappy game, or something that has been out forever. I 100% Spiderman about 2 - maybe 3 weeks after it was out. Sold the game for 50$. I paid 52$ thanks to 20% Best Buy discount. So I paid 2$ to "rent" the game for 3 weeks. Show me the same deal in digital......ill wait.

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Artemidorus91d ago

It is a benifit for sure but physical for me still.

rebeljoe1491d ago (Edited 91d ago )

When PSN was down a few days ago literally the entire digital library on my PS4 was locked and unplayable because it needed online verification to allow me “PERMISSION” to play my own f&cking games. That’s why you buy physical

JackBNimble90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

That only happens when you game share because your profile is primary on your friends console and they are primary on yours.
If your console was your primary it wouldn't matter if you had an online connection, you would still be able to play your games.

KwietStorm90d ago

Don't have to wait for the disc to install either.

arkard90d ago

Takes 30 seconds to install enough data to start playing, non issue

MatrixxGT90d ago

Like a few minutes vs hours or in my case all day to download a game. People need to understand there is a vast amount of people in rural locations with limited internet options. I only have satellite or LTE option and you don’t want to know how much I spend on unlimited mobile data connection.

KwietStorm90d ago


That's what preloading is for. If you buy it after release and you have slow internet, then yea. But that doesn't apply to me.

P_Bomb90d ago

Installing off disc is faster than downloading and then installing off the internet. Plus for digital you need to have an additional half of the total file size reserved on PS4. My HDD space isn’t infinite.

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knickstr90d ago

Why do you think they're having "delays"

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2pacalypsenow91d ago

Thats not good.

Hope it's not true.

grashopper91d ago

They have already sent emails saying the delay emails were a mistake

2pacalypsenow91d ago

Sweet I’m on my way to pre order at bby.
I’m glad it was a mistake.

AnubisG91d ago

Same thing happened to me with Shadow of the Tomb Raider. I was just about to leave to pick up the game ar BB when I checked my e-mail and seen that it will be delayed.

XxExacutionerxX91d ago

Gamers Club makes RD2 cheaper at Best Buy, digital would be 60 plus tax

Kabaneri91d ago

Plus tax? I paid $59.99 on the Xbox marketplace.

PhantomS4291d ago

I miss that, Massachusetts used to have no tax with online purchases but that's changed :(

Bruh91d ago

Live in California where i get taxed for even breathing and no tax for me on PSN or XBL

Eidolon90d ago

hey bruh, at least u get them gnarly waves

OctaneLord90d ago

That would make sense if gamer's club unlocked still existed.

mkis00790d ago

It does until everyones existing accounts expire. I have until june 2019.

jznrpg91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

That sucks for people who preordered through Best Buy but I am sure you can get it somewhere else and cancel .