Media Molecule's Designers Show Off Even More Creations In Dreams

Watch four designers from Media Molecule show off some of the impressive games they made in their free time.

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Apocalypse Shadow51d ago

The amount and type of games that will be created is insane. Hope the VR support day one allows VR game creation. There's two games I want to make.

Deathdeliverer49d ago

I want this game so bad. It will be a total time sink so I’m glad it has not come out yet. I am desperately trying to clear my backlog. I should be ready by January-February. I’m sure my creative son will need it too because Little Big Planet 1-3 is his most played series hands down. He’s made 2D sonic animations, a calculator, and a sonic platformer level to name a few. Media Molecule is simply impressive as hell and I’ll be there day one.

FunAndGun49d ago

My head swells at the possibilities. That moment when you think you create something special, then try someone else's creation and it blows your crap to smithereens. I hope modeling in VR is included!

ClayRules201249d ago

I know. I’m going to dedicate time & patience to crafting something that hopefully I’m happy with & that others will enjoy.

Also, I have moments where I think my photos from Photo Mode (HZD & God of War) are pretty amazing & unique, and I can’t wait to share them with people. And than, I see some other people’s captures and I’m like “Gosh, I’m not good at anything in life” lol.

So can’t wait to experience Dreams and see what remarkable stuff people create!

tanukiesuit49d ago

I wonder if MM will add in a Sackboy/girl easter egg, or let us use them as our main character.

48d ago