5 Horror Games to Scare You This Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner. For many, indulging in the spirit of the holiday just feels right. There are a lot of ways to do this. There are Halloween parties, decorating opportunities, and trick-or-treating. But nothing beats playing these five scary games.

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sampsonon93d ago

Friday the 13th? ummm? ok.

strange you didn't put R7 on the list. Even Until Dawn had its moments and at the very least is a great game to play with none gamers, family/girlfriend, making decisions while you play. Friday the 13th?

Tiqila93d ago

R7 is horror? Come on...

Tiqila93d ago

It is not scary at all. Just like Shaun of the dead is not a horror movie even though there are zombies in it... R7 is fun, but not horror.

sampsonon93d ago

more horror than a bugged filled indie game that's not scary at all.

sampsonon93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Shaun of the dead is a comedy, where's R7 has some really intense moments, especially in VR.

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william_cade93d ago

How is RE 4 horror and 7 is not? 7 is a horror game all the way and 4 is an action game with coins flying out of birds lol I would have put RE 1, RE 7, Bloodborne, Evil Within 2, Little Nightmares, Alien Isolation and Silent Hill.

and sadly Friday the 13th is an awful game, unless we are talking the NES version lol

specialagent453293d ago

So this year was not good. for horror games. How bad is Agony.