Little Big Planet Tomorrow

Filefront: A call from the local Gamestop stating that Little Big Planet would be available tomorrow afternoon. The message was recorded and seemed to be legit.

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BigBaehr4273d ago

Got the same thing an hour ago.

chaosatom4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

They didn't recalled all the LBP copies, because they fixed the problem with a patch.

f7897904273d ago

I will cry in the store if I get a copy, but if I dont get one I will burn gamestop to the ground.

Omegasyde4273d ago

Same thing happened, I called my gamestop to verify and they actually thought I preordered Guitar Hero World Tour. I told them I didn't and that the automated message said LBP is coming out on Saturday. The gamestop Manager then told me:

He then told me to call Tomorrow afternoon (Saturday) to verify it. He told me they have no clue whats coming from corporate.

I suggest we all do the same in the U.S. and call Gamestops and Bestbuys, etc.

Liquid Dust4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

got it as well, anybody call gamers tonight before they closed to confirm???

EDIT: ah, will do omega

Marceles4273d ago

I got the same call a couple of hours ago. Last time I went to Gamestop the guy said they'll have it Monday or Tuesday, but I'll give them a call tomorrow afternoon and see what's up

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LightningPS3PS34273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

I have it reserved at Eb games. I haven't gotten any calls, I don't think.

But if suddenly the release date changed to tomorrow, that would be great.

Cliff Bull-Shit-ski4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

I got a call stating-

"Hi, this is Ashley from GameStop! We have some important news regarding (pause) Little...Big...Planet. Your game should be arriving Saturday afternoon. For more information, call (the number GameStop that I preordered it from)"


In less than 24 hours I will be bashing 360 in the form of 3D 360s exploding after inserting Years of Bore 2!

sushipoop4273d ago

not a joke or a lie. i'm from the US and it's true. i got my call like 2 hours ago or so

PoSTedUP4273d ago

i got a message from them but it got erased, im assuming its the same one yall got. very good news, so hyped for this! i hope i get to continue building my level i was working on in the beta.

Agent VX4273d ago

Wow, you have had LBP for 2 hours already!!! And you are already bored of it, and now on the internet!

Wow, you lasted an hour and half longer than I did before my friend deleted it off his PS3, the Beta that is.

UltimateIdiot9114273d ago

You fail at trolling, sushipoop said he got a call 2 hours ago not got the game since 2 hours ago.

Killjoy30004273d ago

He's saying that he got his call from Gamestop 2 hours ago, ya' tard.

EastCoastSB4273d ago

Either I'm missing blatant sarcasm or that's the worst trolling I've ever seen.

sushipoop4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

I said I got my call, not copy. Did you drop out of school when you were in the 2nd grade or did you forget how to read? Or maybe it's choice C: You're still angry over not having any GOTY worthy games in 2008. Enjoy your Glitches of War 2 and that other glitchy mess that goes by the name of Fable 2.

Xglitch Plzfixme is on a roll!

PoSTedUP4273d ago

you people actually replied to agents comment... -_-

Killjoy30004273d ago

Why do you care? I'm not going to let stupidity like that fly. Apparently, you're for it.

Omegasyde4273d ago

Agent your are so <inset personal attack about intelligence>


PoSTedUP4273d ago

i dont care and its not stupidity, its immaturity and you should know that, just giving you a heads up not to waste your time on a douchbag my friend : )

poopsack4273d ago

look at that, agentquicktotroll cant even reply.

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Silogon4273d ago

It's true, I have a friend who runs several Gamestops in my area and he called me and said they could sell it after 2:00 here. He said they got clearence to sell the previous shipped units due to the patch.

I reported this like 2 hours ago on my website.