The Witcher 3 needs a better final boss

After such a complex story, The Witcher 3's last boss just isn't original enough

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Dirty_Lemons94d ago

The ending was always going to be somewhat disappointing, the true adventure and magic of the game comes through the smaller encounters that bring the world to life. Although not a terrible story by any stretch, the main quest line came up short, in my opinion, next to the more engaging side quests, but it was interesting to see the plot of the books extend into the video game universe The DLC ended the story on a much better note, particularly Blood and Wine.

The game was and is utterly brilliant.

Hardiman94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

I played through the main game for 3 years and finished Hearts of Stone and it was great. Going there Blood and Wine now and sits awesome, really loving how the new landscape looks! One of my all time favorite games, ever!

Lord_Sloth93d ago

The oven decision had me just as panicked as Geralt in the scene. Absolutely great moment!

Nacho_Z94d ago

I liked having a straight up evil enemy to defeat at the end, by that point I'd had enough of complex grey areas and was ready to smite some bad guys to save the day. I think Death March is the best way to play the game and it was not an easy fight for me, I was dodging around that arena like a maniac but it was a good fight and a worthy end to a great game.

AK9194d ago

Witcher 3 needs actual gameplay in general.

pietro121294d ago

Witcher 3 has more gameplay and content than most games this gen

Iloveherliezz94d ago

Wait, Skyrim needs this article too. Here it should go like this... "After 8 hours of gameplay I've walked more than theres been dialogue or actual combat and now the final boss is a dragon?!.... How original can you get?"

But we all know Skyrim shines from the side quest not the main story. The Witcher however in my opinion shined in both of those aspects. I also enjoy the witcher 3s more complex combat over Skyrim, but I understand that not everyone likes the style. Some prefer the simplicity of Skyrim... And there's nothing wrong with that.

bacrec194d ago

That’s been a lingering issue with many modern AAA titles.

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The story is too old to be commented.