3 Things That Could Bring Laser League to the Next Level

Hats off to Roll7 for creating such an ambitious game for a small indie studio. The game is sound in its mechanics and has really proven itself in the indie game sphere. Since Roll7 has handed over development updates and support to 505 Games (more on that here) there has been little revealed about the future of the game. We would like to open the discussion up about that here. There are some key elements that could really send Laser League on the path to greatness. Let’s take a look.

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Bismarn92d ago

Here's my three things:
1. Find some way to let gamers know that is actually exists.
2. Don't have the first article on N4G about the game be about how it's going on hiatus.
3. Doesn't matter what #3 is since you completely failed #1 and #2.