Rocket League: Cross Platform Play Delayed Until 2019

The idea of destroying our friends at any game we wish has been a desire for any gamer for as long as there have been games being made. The invention of different systems made this joy harder to be had, as you had to have the exact same system as your friend to enjoy destroying them completely

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PoopsMcGee92d ago

Delay it indefinitely, I say.

PC/Ps4 cross play sucks as it is already. Screw cross play :)

Kribwalker92d ago

Damn, that sucks, been wanting to party up with my friends from their PCs. 4k60fps with hdr on the onex in december is gonna be wicked tho

KingTrash91d ago

I want cross progression which I don’t think is happening. I’ve played most on PS4 but wanna switch over to the One X version when the update comes out and I wanna transfer my progression.