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If you just want a fun 3D fighting game with no extras, then Soulcalibur VI is the grand revival of the franchise you have been waiting for. If you want something more, Soulcalibur VI doesn’t offer nearly as much as other fighting games on the market.

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robtion96d ago

That's because it is incomplete. It is a bare bones roster and they are holding back characters and customisation content to milk more money from the fanbase who will inevitably jump to their defense for doing so. Bargain bin purchase for me.

Eien96d ago

"bare bones roster" "holding back characters" Sorry but there are hardly any actual characters left to add to the game. Taking out the generics added in 3, the edgemasters, and the new generation characters of 5 (which wouldnt work in a reboot ofr SC 1&2 story), there are like 8 characters left which half are clones of characters already in game. So, 3 coming in season pass assuming they dont pick clones, there is like 1 character left. You can claim this is a fan defending the shitty practices of a company but I will claim you just don't know the series and using your ignorance to hate the game.

nealane96d ago

bring back darth vader and star killer

robtion95d ago

I don't hate the game I am a fan of the franchise which is why it is disappointing that they are ruining it by adopting greedy practices. Tira should be part of the main roster.

I am old enough to remember when paying for a game meant getting the whole game. If anyone is ignorant it is you.

lucian22995d ago

honestly, besides Hwang, and Aeon, no one is missing really; yeah I want Amy but the rest are just clone characters. SCV had 3 mimic characters. The old games had rock which was just a reskinned Astaroth; Cassandra is just a dumbed down sophitia and etc.

The customization content that was removed was all trash; view the actual list; with the exception of the Lily Armor set for females; the rest was pretty ugly and unused anyway. I much rather have the roster armor sets this time around instead of them being dlc or inaccessible like the old games. The story modes (Both of them) are great and the combat itself is awesome.

Also; complaining about the dlc is silly; it's 3 more characters after tira and two packs of 50 to equal 100. This hasn't been clarified if that even counts the DLC character's armor sets also.

robtion95d ago

Sorry but how do you justify them holding back a character from the main roster in previous games (Tira) and then selling it to you as part of a season pass on day 1 when you have already paid for the game? There is no defending it but as predicted here we are.

lucian22995d ago

@Robtion how do i justify it? First off; just because a character was in a previous entry doesn't mean they should and will be include in future games. Since Super SNES this has been a thing; so that's silly.beyond that; you're asking me to justify it; okay, sure. As an industry; Namco/Bandai especially; where every single japanese developer except Capcom has had to fuse to stop bankruptcy and combat financial losses what do you expect? Tecmo/Koie, Square/Enix, Namco/Bandai, Sega/Sammy, etc exist because the used game industry destroyed game sales. Not only do companies have to combat piracy, but they have to deal with the fact that the majority of sales is from used copies (In which they receive zero income from); this is why stuff like 90 gig day one patches are existing. I don't like it, no one does; but we who pay 55$ for a used copy of a new game, essentially cheat out the companies from the potential sale because we wanted to save 5$

Aside from that; soulcalibur since the 5th game has not sold as well due to penny pinching; this series is lucky to even still be around regardless of how good it is; the name just can't combat mortal kombat or tekken. I personally was going to buy the collectors just to help them because I want the series to live; we consumers should support developers and let our voice be head when we don't like a practice. If we supported them they wouldn't have went this route in the first place most likely. it's akin to supporting local farms, local stores and etc; why give money to the other big companies like amazon and best buy for a used copy just to save 5 bucks? Ah because we ourselves were greedy.

Again I don't agree with it, but i understand why; I also grew up in a time where games were sometimes complete; but during those same days we got Streetfight II: Hyper extended ultra mega giga, or Guilty gear xx: Reloaded to the 5th dimension plus ultra the final bout"

Games back then, especially fighting games just rereleased themselves with 2 new characters and were semisequels; it's the same exact thing except cheaper now, without wiping out your old progress.

It pays to think broad spectrum. I will support this game; I want DLC, I want to see 9 seasons like we did with dead or alive; why? Because it's optional and I like options.

Eien95d ago

@robtion If Tira is literally the only thing you're ragging about then you should actually look up the story about why she is a season pass bonus character. Namco Bandai had no interest bringing her into the game since she wasn't in the story, but Oda, the producer, knew how much of a fan favorite she was to the fans so went out of his way to beg for her to be added into the game. This involves pushing more time and investment into the project then was already set so in agreement, despite not wanting to, it was agreed she was added under those conditions. So, while you complain about it being about greed, it's more of a producer going out of his way to please to fans and yet you still complain. You don't have to buy it for her, she wasn't intended to be in the game anyway. So, it's your choice to get her, not greed.

TheColbertinator96d ago

Just like every other fighting game,racer,shooter and open world game released in the last few years.

Chaosdreams95d ago

The roster might feel light but it's covered the majority of characters that are set in the timeline. Will they have a S2 with more guest/new characters? If I were them, yeah.

A game with a roster of 20 is a game that has room for 8-10 more faces. Provided they are unique.

lucian22995d ago (Edited 95d ago )

exactly; most of the old characters were clones; I want Amy, Hwang,Setsuka and Aeon to return. after those we can talk other kinds of characters. Although; I would gladly welcome Patroklos's fighting style to return. He was annoying as a character, but his fighting style was great and a masculine version of Sophitia's.