5 Games That Actually Made an Effort With New Game+ Mode

New Game+ is a popular feature found in most games, but here are five games that really made the best of it.

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Takwin93d ago

Resident Evil 2
Chrono Trigger
Chrono Cross
Tales series
Dark Souls 2


Now, you can just disagree with the list below.

Like no The Witcher 3? That NG+ was great, changed the flow a lot. No God of War? Puh-lease.

Terrible list. I'm sure there are many more you could add.

Ephemeralespoir92d ago

Witcher 3 simply scaled difficulty, the same goes for God of War (save for the fact that you can just craft better versions of weaker armor). Pretty much all said and done and doesn't really stack on a "new" experience.