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Review by Aaron Riccio: "Before you know it, Starlink turns playing with toys into something that feels an awful lot like work."

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Outlawzz97d ago

3/10 ? I played it for half an hour yesterday and I can already say it's definitely not a 3/10 lol

wonderfulmonkeyman97d ago

I knew there would be those that dislike this, but a 3 out of 10 is a score reserved for games that are severely lacking in several technical areas, nearly to the point of unplayable.
This game is far above a 3 out of 10. A 7 at the absolute lowest.

DJK1NG_Gaming97d ago

No game should have a score lower than a 6 if it has no technical issues or lack content

XentaJones97d ago

Slant Managinze went on a slant and just created a slag off for this game, they review is lacking so many basic review elements

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