The gaming community needs the Virtual Console back

Virtual Console on Nintendo Wii was one of the great revelations in video game history, and its absence on Switch isn't just disappointing--it's a disservice to the whole gaming community. Gamers deserve easier access to video game history, in the same way that people already enjoy easy access to old books and old music.

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Sm00thNinja98d ago

Buy a Wii. Plug it in. I don't see why Nintendo is obligated along with Sony to forever allow us to play our titles from previous consoles. It's a HUGE plus that Microsoft has backwards compatibility, but the N64 wasnt backwards compatibility with the SNES. The GameCube wasn't backwards compatible with the N64. Virtual Console was fantastic and I think we'll see some form of it on the Switch, didn't they add 3 new titles this week?

I miss the community on the Wii U, PSHOME, 1st party support on Xbox (JK). I REALLY MISS PLAYSTATION HOME HONESTLY. AND LIFE WITH PLAYSTATION. I felt like I was curing cancer lol

johnfriscia97d ago

The Virtual Console shut down on the Wii. Nobody can buy any old games from there anymore.

Sm00thNinja97d ago

Oh damn I didn't know that! That I can understand people being upset about if people bought the Wii for the virtual console aspect of it.

PhoenixUp98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

“It was a start that the Wii U and the 3DS mishandled—and eventually killed.”

How was Virtual Console mishandled on those systems? VC had better functionality on them than it did on Wii.

Those two also didn’t kill Virtual Console, Switch clearly did with its poor substitute.

LaWiiG98d ago

I don't have the ports any longer on my TV for a Wii. This is very much a good thing.

DJK1NG_Gaming98d ago

Still crying over old games eh