Scary Games To Play This Halloween (2018 Edition)

Jarren wrote: "Horror games are the underappreciated children of the video gaming community. For such a niche genre, only a few hardcore fans only really binge up collecting these types of games on their shelves. Why, you ask? Well, from my understanding people don’t generally like being scared. They’d much rather watch someone else get scared on Youtube instead."

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The_Sage54d ago

I'm with you on Dead Space, and RE7. I've not played the 2nd Evil Within. I didn't care for the first. As far as being scary, I'd have to say the scariest of this generation for me has been playing Outlast 2, with headphones on, alone in the dark. The sound is a very large part of the game. Also... I would say that it doesn't get scary until you're 2 or so hours in. It defenatly gets better and better as the game goes on.

AshleeEmerson54d ago

Resident Evil 7 PSVR is by far the scariest, most immersive game on the market for horror TOP OF THE LINE!!

agent453254d ago

Did any good horror games came out this year