No Man's Sky Seeking Community Feedback

Hello Games is looking into what gamers want most from future updates.

As an essential part of the No Man's Sky journey, they are reaching out to discover more about what the community is most interested in seeing in the future of the game.

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RealOldGamer93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

The game has improved so much already since its abysmal launch, and Hello Games is now asking their community on what features they want next.

one2thr93d ago

Most of those improved features, were added based on community feedback.

They even made the melee jetpack sprint boost glitch into a executeable feature.

Since Next, they've literally been dropping weekly updates, to fix problems found by the community.

RealOldGamer93d ago

Yep. They have been kicking ass after launch, but a lot of people still hate on the game because of all the hype and lies.
Too bad really, since it became one of my favorite games, especially once they patched in all that sexy story.

VenomUK93d ago

When they asked what feature you’d like most I selected VR.

Crazyglues92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

@ VenomUK

yeah as much as that would be cool, I hate to say it but I don't think the developer is really taking ideas serious... when you do it like this in a Questionnaire form, all your going to do is put them all together and see what pops up the most.. What people seem to be requesting.

Terrible way to add features in my opinion, since most gamers don't even know what they really like until they are doing it...

For example, I never thought I would like the Flying, but that's something I really love, and I would like more effects on the ship, like when you break into space or come back into a planet, shouldn't that shake the whole ship up and show some amazing effects.. shouldn't there be much more smoke on take off, and much more feel of the ship moving throw air, I understand if it feels stiff in space (no air) but when flying on the planet, there is more feel in GTA V flying above ground. / And this is a space game so more effect on these things would be amazing..

I never thought I would love exploring, but that's the thing, it's amazing, going to a new planet is something I always feel like doing but the planets are not exciting, there is no huge dinosaur or monster, or threat from aliens or Robots, it's just like the other planet with a different color.. come on' --> if they really want to make this game amazing, add all the little things that would make it the best space game ever...

And sadly that's not in this Questionnaire, your not going to get really good and amazing ideas using a point and pick one of these 4 answers type of thing... That's just a huge waste of time..

Ask gamers what's really cool and what's not... Test out new things, And do it with a close group of beta testers, so you get real feedback..
I just feel like the game could be huge, but you really need gamers to come in and shape some ideas.

milohighclub93d ago

I would like to see multiple varied biomomes on each planet like 10+ so that exploring is a bit more exciting.

I would also like to see evolving planets, some with advanced civilisations and cities...

Earthquakes, volcano eruptions, hurricanes etc to add more danger to exploring

VivaChe93d ago

Yes. Planets need more than one uniform biome over the entire surface.

iofhua93d ago

I played the NEXT update and it still sucks donkey balls. The remaining playerbase has become an echo chamber.

TheDriz93d ago

Are you not an echo chamber for the haters?

Daeloki93d ago

You know, despite all the people bitching about the game like you (fortunately those numbers have dwindled), Hello Games has steadily been dishing out free updates and improvements.

So how about instead of shouting donkey balls like a five years old, maybe you could try to form some constructive criticism. What changes would you like to see? I mean that's pretty much what they're asking for. "sucks donkey balls" does not count as criticism, it won't change anything, in fact any sensible developer would simply ignore comments like that. So maybe try again?

milohighclub93d ago

Dude, this year I've had spiderman, God of war, Detroit... Plus many more big titles.
I stopped plying all of them after one playthrough.
I have owned this since launch but when NEXT launched I restarted the game and I've sunk 100 hours into this, I can tell you mate, its got more to it than most games that have launched recently..

No Way92d ago

What have they added that's changed it to worthwhile (serious question)? When I played it, shortly after release, it just seemed very... empty. No people or aliens, no real (and maybe I missed stuff..) unique artifacts or ruins to find, no cities or civilizations, etc.

milohighclub92d ago (Edited 92d ago )


They've added quite a bit man.
Mission, side quests, base building, vehicles, multiplayer, more detailed and varied planets, community challenges, races, 3rd person camera, survival and creation mode... Just a fraction of the stuff. You'd have to go over the patch notes for the updates for the full list but
It feels like an actual game now.

There's still no civilisations but there's stuff like crashed freighters on planets, buried ruins etc.

Plus they're still updating it..

VivaChe93d ago

The form is really easy and quick btw. Mostly multiple choice with just a few short typed answers. Took about 5 minutes on my phone.

Alek8393d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Yep. Everyone should do it. Very easy and quality stuff.

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