Two Years On: PlayStation VR

One the second anniversary of the launch of the PlayStation VR we look over what the console VR device has accomplished.

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Kumakai99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

im not quite sure what the point of this article is. its pretty much like: it was released, it does this, it got a slight upgrade, it has an aiming gun. i mean... wikipedia would pretty much give you the same list as this article... and even more information.

i thought i was going to be reading things like adoption rate, attachment rate, comparative libraries, how does the content stack up against the competition, what have some of the challenges been, how has it affected the vr industry overall (good or bad).

sampsonon99d ago

i was thinking the same thing. you saved me the hassle of commenting the same point.

Apocalypse Shadow99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

I like the site for VR information when they do get it right. But most writers there create brief articles that lack information. Then when something new releases or information is gathered, instead of making a new news article, they go back and update an old article which is very lazy.with comments that are very old from the original article.

And their top 9 or whatever list of must have PSVR games, they just go back to an old article, rip out some of the games just to fit in new games. Instead of just making a top 15 or 20 list.

Whoever is there in managing or head editor, they are so lazy that I have to jump to other sites just to fill in the blanks. I read this one last night and it was barely informative like you said.

VivaChe99d ago

Totally agree. One of the problems is that there is surprisingly little data on adoption rates, sales figures, and so on. I think one problem is that companies purposely avoid releasing sales and user data because I guess they might not feel that the numbers are very high yet.

howiewowwee99d ago

i hate cords...even psvr ones.

Marcello99d ago

Yea especially them umbilical cords.

MasterCornholio99d ago

You have to eat them to unlock the special boss fight.

Marcello99d ago

Scientologists eat them :O

PoopsMcGee99d ago

Mmmmmm - tastes like chicken.

VivaChe99d ago

I've owned a PSVR for over a year now and I love it, but if I'm being honest, the cord never gets comfortable. It still drives me nuts as much as ever.

Apocalypse Shadow99d ago

I'll agree. I love PSVR but we do have to admit the truth. That cord is heavy. I've pulled it, stepped on it even while being mindful of it.

I'd hang it but I don't want to put it on the ceiling fan. Other than that:love it!

Garrett_the_GOD99d ago

Honestly,I rarely even notice the cord..with that being said,I got the newer model too and if I'm not mistaken the cord isnt as thick and heavy as it is for the original model..with that being said,even though I rarely notice the cord,in those rare occasions where I do notice the cord,its usually noticed in a big when I was playing Creed:Rise to Glory a few days ago I accidentally stepped on it while coming back up after ducking a punch.while rasing up when the cord ran out of slack it felt like it about ripped the cord out of my headset

Apocalypse Shadow99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Garrett....exactly! Lol! When I notice it, it is in a big way. A soft yank.

I did that in creed too. I was coming up for a punch and caught myself because I felt the pull on the cord and my ear phones. But yes, I have the older model.

I've waited for VR for decades. That and touch screens and artificial intelligence. Like in star trek since I'm a scifi fan. I don't want to break my first VR headset after 2 years of enjoying it since launch.

rainslacker99d ago

I don't mind the cord much, i just wish it were longer. And that the VR unit didn't have to be as close to the camera as it does....or at the very least, have a way to remove that "you're too far away" message from the screen, because more often than not, it still works when you're that far away. In other words, the average living room, someone is at least 10-12 feet from their TV.

Apocalypse Shadow99d ago

You mean like dream match tennis does rain? I like that you can turn it off in the options. Great game but you will sweat.

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