Brazil Wants Steam to Pull Beat 'Em Up Game for Promoting Hate

The game, Bolsomito 2K18, lets you take control of a parody of Jair Bolsonaro, a far-right politician, in his quest to beat up his Communist foes, including gay and feminist activists.

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Tze_Viper99d ago

There is more to it. Federal attorneys believe the timing of the game is too suspicious and that its trying to influence the elections.

Cobra95199d ago

I've seen video of it. It's a very lousy beat-em-up, obviously intended as political satire. It isn't even clear if it's endorsing or condemning Bolsonaro. This kind of political speech falls squarely within the protections of the First Amendment in the USA. Brazil, I don't know what their speech protections look like, if they have any.

Kabaneri99d ago

Stop calling every conservative leader far right. Communism is a disease and Bolsonaro is the cure.

TricksterArrow99d ago

Stop thinking that progressiveness is Communism. Conservativeness is a disease and anyone remotely sane is the cure.

DarXyde99d ago


Honestly, none of this sounds familiar? I don't know where you live in the world, but it's pretty hard to not draw some parallels to another FAR RIGHT conservative leader (even though the other guy in the States is more of a centrist, but that assumes he knows what he's doing). Bolsonaro's policies are incredibly right wing and you do yourself a disservice to not see as much.

Far right =/= alt- right. But yeah, Bolsonaro is TOTALLY far right.

franciscoaliberti99d ago

I love this misleading title. "Brazil" doesn't want anything pulled from Steam. Keep in mind that this guy currently has nearly 50% of the votes in the country. This is just one person working on a cushy government job, worrying about losing their job once he becomes president since he's been a strong defender of Small Government. If there is a political statement here it's from the person that filed this request, and not the game itself.

Tze_Viper98d ago

You are either not Brazilian or just plain stupid. Federal attorneys cant lose their "cushy job" regardless of who wins the election. Its in the constitution. Not gonna happen unless there is a coup.

And actually, these attorneys are trying to take it down because they think the game is trying to reinforce bolsonaro as being a second coming of hitler, which is the main strategy of the opposition. This could potentially violate some of our electoral laws. Honestly, I dont see it holding up in court.

otakuapologist99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Stop branding every rightwinger as "far-right". It's very disrespectful, and downright dehumanizing. Most people on the right simply distrust the government for its corruption and inefficiency as an entity that can solve people's problems.

The rise of "far-right" political parties is a reaction to the fiscally unsustainable politics that leftists politicians have been pushing for decades. Our nations are so deep in debt, our politics are practically dictated by the banks.

When you attack rightwingers just for thinking mathematically about the economy, you are fighting the very solutions that would allow poor people to create their own jobs.

There used to be tons of small family businesses in the west before the "welfare state". Kids could afford to move out of home in their teens because basic medicare and living costs didn't cost your entire year's salary. There were so many small companies with low standards for entry, you could walk straight in the door and get hired. With those skills and money you could then apply to a larger company, start your own business, or perhaps the company started growing and became a huge success, and your life was set right there.

Now, everything is taxed to the point that the prices of everything are up. You can't afford anything anymore. Even small businesses pay massive taxes upfront to keep the welfare state from collapsing. I personally paid €5000 a year in taxes regardless of my income before shutting down my business.

Personally, I can't afford to hire a single official worker because of mandatory pension payments. I'm only able to run my shop because of creative (fully legal) arrangements.

In the online world, I can circumvent some rules. But in the real world, running a physical company with my arrangements would be impossible. The cost of a single worker is simply so high, there's a cutoff point for every company, where you can only hire the best of the best workers in the market who produce insane value that offsets the costs of their salary. You can't hire somebody that's less productive, whose living situation may be unstable because they live in a poor neighborhood. You can't hire someone whose education is weaker.

Please study basic economics. Every policy the political right is pushing is to fix the numbers.