Sony Turns Back on Silly Japanese Games While Nintendo Cracks Open the Door

Sony has begun turning down western publisher who wish to release Japanese games in the west that contain overly sexualized imagery.

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DJK1NG_Gaming133d ago

Sony -
Bans - Omega Labyrinth Z - Newest game in the franchise comes as Omega Labyrinth Life on Switch exclusively
Sent - Nekopara Vol.1 to a Black Hole Worldwide. Switch version released worldwide except for Germany.
Now this.
Sony new policy is to get rid of these Japanese games in the west. Either publisher censor or get banned.

Rangerman1208133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

How, though? I really don't blame Sony for not localizing Omega Labyrinth Z. Also, what do you mean by "Black Hole Worldwide"? The game is still coming the west. I do have to admit that it's weird that they're banning Omega Labyrinth and yet they gave Nekopara a pass. And I do think that if Sony continues to make these decisions, Sony might make themselves more of a fool to the japanese devs. It happened with NISA, and now I'm fearing that this will be happening with Xseed. Is weird because the PS4 does have a slew of fanservice focues games in the west like Galgun.

If I have to be honest though, heavy fanservice doesn't always make a great game. Tokyo Tattoo Girls had a lot of fanservice and it ended up being one of the worst games last year...well, I think it's a "game".

DJK1NG_Gaming133d ago

By Black Hole Wordwide.
The game was delayed back in June 31st or July 1st ahead of the July 4th date worldwide on PS4 to Summer 2018.
The Switch version came out in Japan and US on release. Europe version was delayed.
The Europe version later got release with the exception of Germany banning it on Switch.

The PS4 version has yet to be release in any region nor have we heard anything since the delay.
The game has a option to pet and touch the cat girls even have a scene with CG no animation though where the cat girls are naked in a the bathroom with soap covering them.

So the game has not be heard of since its delay on PS4. That why I say Black Hole.

paintedgamer1984132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

Its simple, want Nintendo exclusives, portable gaming, and these games? Buy a Switch... Want Playstation exclusives and these games below buy a Playstation.

Games skipping Nintendo-
Kingdom Hearts 3, Monster Hunter World, Call of Duty BO4, The Witcher 3, Assasins Creed Odyysey, Red Dead Redemption 2, Tomb Raider series, Far Cry 5, Fallout, Battlefield, Darksiders, Soul Calibur, Spyro, Resident Evil 2 remake, Metro, Anthem, Devil May Cry 5, Devision 2, Sekiros Shadows Die Twice, ect...

Gemmol132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

I love world how well its streamline but the switch monster hunter is better even tho it do not have the new things that world have to make it easier it have over 100 large monsters vs world 32 large monsters, way less stuff to do in monster hunter world

Assassin creed is on the switch in japan

DJK1NG_Gaming132d ago

Assassin's Creed Odyssey is on Switch
KHIII is rumored to come to Switch
Switch will get more Monster Hunter and Generation Ultimate is better than World. Has way way way more content

notachance132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

I can see you guys aren't long-time hunters..

MHGU has tons of monster because they literally only need to port the monsters from previous 3DS games (MH3U, MH4, MH4U). they used the same engine across all those games so really the number of new monsters are just a few

now compare it to MHW which was made entirely from scratch: completely new engine, they have to redo the monster assets, they have to make completely new AI because now the monsters can interact way more freely to their environments than ever before.
every. single. one. of. the. monster. in. MHW. was redone/made from scratch.
not to mention all the new things aside from the monsters they have to make from scratch: the map is whole compared to separated parts of previous MH, completely new MP structure which doesn't need you to "restart" the map every time you finish a quest, etc.

now, every game which will come after MHW will undoubtedly have ported monster just like how it is in the past, with an inevitable ultimate version that combines it all into one just like MHGU was.

the point is it is ridiculous to compare the content of "best of" game which crams all of its generation content into one with a built-from-scratch next gen evolution of MH series

tanukiesuit132d ago

Monster Hunter Generations having more content doesn't automatically mean better. Subjective at best.
KH3 being (potentially) on Switch isn't shocking, since other spinoffs have been on Nintendo platforms. Plus, it is already coming to X1, where just as many fans are eager for it - maybe even more.
Lastly, AC Odyssey hasn't been officially released to the West.

You are just as much cherry-picking as he is. And lastly streamed games (unless on PC) aren't going to become an instant sensation.

wonderfulmonkeyman132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

All the lists in the world don't change the fact that the switch is going to be getting a lot of good games this year, next year, and fit the rest of it's life, but as for this specifically, a lot of those games you've listed still either have a lot to prove [Anthem], or have equivalents just as good coming to Switch in their respective genre sometime soon [Bayo 3 to DMC5].
Oh, and MHGU is the better monhun for most series veterans.
More monsters and more gear mean more to most vets than graphics and qol stuff.
World is for the newbies.
Sorry if that offends anyone else reading this.

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notachance132d ago

there's literally softcore porn video and hostess management sim in Yakuza games, UNCUT

cherry pick much?

DJK1NG_Gaming132d ago

Is Yakuza like Senran Kagura and Omega Labyrinth Z where there anime girls and you can touch them?

notachance132d ago

you can bet on them wrestling wearing scantily clad bikinis

blackblades132d ago

Its funny how this game is getting more attention because of a removable of a sexual assault mode. Also find a reason to get on Sony back even though they dont even play these type of games.

DJK1NG_Gaming132d ago

So its okay for Sony to be doing these 80s & 90s video game censorship before ESRB existed and them forcing games they don't own to be censored or banned. Sounds like something yall defended Sony for with the locked third party account on Fortnite.

kreate132d ago

We should be on Sony's back about this. I hate censorship.

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TekoIie133d ago

Yes. Even if the answer was that they didn't it would be irrelevant. We all praised Steam for taking the correct stance; let the community decide what games they want to purchase on the platform rather than dictate what can and cannot be. That is how things should be.

moomoo319132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

You do not just throw everything at the wall and see what sticks. Things should be curated like on spotify, netflix, gamepass, xbox, ps basically every service in existence. Zero curation = entire onus on the consumer to find something good = consumer goes somewhere easier

gangsta_red133d ago

Probably not these types of games. But it seems Sony is starting to crack down on a lot of these games exposure to Western audiences. Keeping them pretty much Japan exclusive where this type of thing is seen more.

I seriously don't blame Sony for this. These games look like cheap exploitation for a some grimy group. What's baffling is that Nintendo is going ahead and accepting these games.

"As Sony focuses on higher budget narrative-driven stories in the west, Nintendo will keep alive the niche gamer who just wants to play silly fun games and high budget first-party RPGs, something Sony hasn’t supported since 2014’s Freedom Planet on PlayStation Vita."

Too funny, was just having a similar convo in another article about this.

rainslacker132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

They're not usually to the point of being cheap perversion or simulated exploitation. When you look at them in context of the actual game, they questionable actions that can be taken usually seem more satire due to their utterly ridiculous scenarios. Someone above called it an assault simulator, which is pretty much not true, because assault implies non-compliance from the receiving party. The "girls" within the games are not really saying no, and some people seem to think the "No means no" applies to the characters in context....when it's more that Japanese media tends to portray women as demure and supposed to say no....even when they mean yes. Differences of culture, and the media which surrounds it. The games themselves tend to fall into a power fantasy setting, where assertion of one's desires is seen more as a good trait, than something to be shamed.

Obviously, a lot of that doesn't match up with western sensibilities, so people can take offense, and as far as Sony goes in all this, I can see why they wouldn't want this image to become something against them. Just look at the Vita. They had a run of semi-successful titles such as these, and some people were referring to it as a system for people who only want porn simulators.

That being said, there are certainly games that go far beyond what we've seen released in the west that still get released in Japan. But I think a lot of them don't really try to get localized in the west, because publishers seem to think that all westerners are puritan fanatics.

I can understand their potential reasons more for games which have characters who do look like very young girls, but that's only a sub-category of the larger genre, and the percentage of games which actually use that style of artwork isn't as high as some people say, although I've seen many think that all these games are like that.

I also find it kind of ironic that Nintendo is more open to these kinds of things in the west. If anything, they were always seen as the more family oriented and much more adverse to this kind of content on their system. However, that perception was only in the west, because these games have been on Nintendo systems in Japan and Asia for quite a while.

Yi-Long133d ago

Not when they're butchered and censored.

bluefox755132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

The good ones do, the pure fanservice games typically don't in the west. Which is what I think this is about, contrary to other speculation.

rainslacker132d ago

I am curious where exactly the level of tolerance is for what's acceptable. Sony does have guidelines for what is allowed in different regions, and each region has it's own laws that apply to any game regardless of platform.

I think some of this is a non-issue, because already some developers were pulling back from the western market because of the current SJW climate which likes to paint all these things in a bad light.

Even Compile Hearts, which usually only did some cursory censorship to remove things that just weren't allowed in the full on nudity of anime girls who may appear too young....have started to be more strict in this....probably due to NISA wanting it. NISA never used to care much, and I think became more liked because they didn't care much, start to really be more sensitive to any kind of controversy which might surround their games. This started not too long after Criminal Girls Invite released, where they got a lot of heat from people who never played their games, knew nothing about it or the context in which the content existed, and just made a fuss because it wasn't appropriate. That game was even censored from the original. Ironically though, that controversy probably helped sell the game more, and it was actually a pretty good game.

I'm curious today what people might think of the uncensored Sailor Moon, which is now a pretty popular and almost mainstream anime in the US. Actual teenage girls, some under 18, which were sometimes shown nude, and occasionally having things done to them which wasn't really appropriate.

annoyedgamer132d ago

Yea. Is a niche but growing audience. But it looks like western political cencsorahip is scaring them.

Segata132d ago

Dumbest question of the year award goes to...

rainslacker132d ago

They have an audience. Otherwise this wouldn't be a topic because these pubs wouldn't bother localizing. The Vita had quite a few games that pushed the limit, and even received some "feedback" from "concerned" people when they released. Criminal Girls Invite I recall quite well, but it was kind of tame compared to some others.

I wouldn't call them big sellers though. If you want to point to niche games, they'd be good examples.

Also, a lot of people really misrepresent the levels of perversion that exist in them. Likely because they only look at it on the surface and remove all context.

otakuapologist132d ago

My whole income comes from promoting Japanese media. Yes, they sell really fucking well.

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AspiringProGenji133d ago

I don’t blame them for trying to avoid controversy.

Yi-Long133d ago

To me, a company imposing censorship and bans on commercial products aimed at a mature audience, is far more controversial than some of these games featuring some playful nudity, or sexual relationships.

Counter-question: Would you still be okay with Sony 'trying to avoid controversy', when this was about violence instead of nudity/sex, and Sony would try and censor the next Mortal Kombat, God of War, GTA, Sniper Elite, whatever?

Seraphim133d ago

mature audience? We don't even have those games in NA. AO Rating is a death penalty for a game since no retailer will carry it. Not to say none at all are available but any game receiving that title isn't going to be carried by retailers. That's what I think of when talking about Mature Audience. Now I understand Senran Kagura and other games are rated M. I admit I'm not sure exactly how much they show either. Though after watching the anime a couple weeks ago I have considered picking up the Senran Kagura game that's currently available. From the videos I have watched it shows the twinkles over their breasts and.....

I do admit I'm somewhat surprised by the stance Sony has taken while Nintendo embraces it. Though I can't fault Sony for taking this stance when, in this environment, censoring it is a wise choice compared to the media, government, special interest groups whose attacks when/if word caught wind about what particular games actually contain could be a wild fire. With the whole me too movement, sexual assault, and all the other BS both legitimate and not in the US atm.... So from their perspective it's not worth the blow back for the few hundred thousand gamers who would purchase it. Let's be honest, these games likely sell maybe a few hundred thousand stateside. And imagine the blow back on Nintendo, whose even more connected to young gamers, if people/media/government officials caught wind of what these games contain. Rating has no bearing still in the US and we're filled to the brim with idiots and self righteous zealots who jump on anything they dislike.

as for your Mortal Kombat comment. That is exactly what led to the ESRB in the first place. The outrage that came from the blood and Finisher moves when the game was released on Sega Genesis. We have to protect our kids. The age old guise of trying to control anything disliked. But you are right, violence is completely acceptable while sex is not. And it's not Sony. It's the US who has an issue with it. How dare we have sex in our kids games Lol. Stupidity at it's finest but everyone suffers for it. People fear the unknown and stigmatize it. I can bring up several other topics that reflect just that but aren't gaming related. It's a shame. And here we're suppose to be living in the land of the free.

AspiringProGenji132d ago

No I wouldn’t be okay with that, but that’s the least of my worries since those devs know how far they can go with violence and sex in their native land. japanese games are different and the devs and audience there are not as sensitive qnd SJW as in the west. It is what it is... Sony knows better about how far tyese jap games can go and if they think it wouldn’t be appropriate somewhere else then they are better off by avoiding controversy

Evilryusam132d ago

We wouldn't be in this problem, if companies simply ignored any and all that aren't a part of their core consumer demographic.

rainslacker132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

I'd say every game we've gotten in the west is just heavily implied what is going on, and sometimes, if not most of the time, they do have some censorship in them. The Japanese market allows more than the Western market does, and not all of that is on the console makers, but on local laws, or just what the localization publisher feels is appropriate for the region its releasing in.

Most of the people who actually do like these kinds of games though, would prefer a completely uncensored product.

Some people seem to think that this is all about SJW, but that's not really the case. While that does have something to do with it, the truth is is that Japanese media portrays male and females much differently. Males are often emasculated in western media, and assertive men are often not portrayed as good. Women tend to be strong instead of meek, and more often than not, when it comes to sexual content, they're shown to be in control of themselves, as well as the man. Obvious examples exist otherwise, but overall that's how it is.

Japanese culture and media tends to show the men as more dominate, and more assertive. Their will tends to be shown as something they should get. Women are often shown as meek, demure, and usually not outwardly receptive to a males advances. So, in the Japanese market, No often does mean yes. And often times, a woman will be shown as resistant through the whole confrontation, only to be happy afterwards. Its a male power fantasy that you don't see too often in western cultures.

A lot of the people who play these games are more in tune with the cultural differences between Japan and western cultures. They accept them for what they are, and don't criticize the differences, but instead, embrace them and appreciate the art that surrounds the media. I assume for some it's because they do like this scenario of male/female interpersonal relationships, and I can see why, since they live in a culture which constantly shames them or emasculates them to the point where they might feel inadequate.

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michellelynn0976133d ago

Seems Nintendo is loosening up and Sony is cracking down. Some are making excuses, but this is not good for fans who want them.

Silly gameAr133d ago

Sony bad, Nintendo good. We get it.

doggo84132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

Hahaha the switch has been a complete joke this year. Especially compared to playstation.

King_Noctis132d ago


Don’t forget that this year has not even ended yet.

King_Noctis132d ago

No one say Sony is bad while praising Nintendo. Learn to understand that even Sony makes unpopular decisions sometimes. Some might like it, other might not.

gangsta_red132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

More tears for Sony? Let me guess, "this is the next big smear campaign to make Sony look bad".

Sony being in the lead I'm guessing they have an image they want to protect with the PS4. And after a lot of high profile, triple A, story driven, emotional, single player games they definitely don't want their audiences to accidentally pick up Super Panty Raider Hyper Z.

They left it alone on Vita, because they abandoned it themselves, but their PS4 is a whole different story.

michellelynn0976132d ago

Oh like when Nintendo banned the blood in MK1? But, that was different right?

rainslacker132d ago

A smear campaign would be stupid. Outside of one game, are there really any reports about games that Sony has asked them to remove content, or censor it heavily? I'd imagine anyone who tried to smear Sony on this, I could easily look up some of their comments on the Vita, and find them referring to it as PedoStation, or some other such nonsense.

The whole topic of what some of these games offer has been contentious since last gen when the whole SJW thing really went into full force. Even if Sony is asking for something to be removed, how often are we likely to know what that something is, and how likely is it we'd actually care about that game in the first place?

There are some games in Japan which do pass the boundaries of good taste, even for Japan. I can see quite well why Sony wouldn't allow it, and it's even likely that such things were just them applying their long standing policies on what kind of content is acceptable on the system. This article makes it seem like Nintendo would allow this to go unchecked as well, but they have a lot of their own policies on such things for different regions. They might be more tolerant for the time being, but if they start getting the heat that Sony got on the Vita, I have a feeling they'd be much quicker to stop it than Sony has.