Nintendo Needs to Kill The 3DS

Phil from Handsome Phantom believes that the 3DS should be taken out to pasture in favor of the Switch and says, "I haven’t traveled with my 3DS since Nintendo released the Switch nearly two years ago. I’m sure, like me, most of you prefer to travel with as little as possible and having to take more than one portable system with you can just be a nuisance. When they announced the Switch, Nintendo seemed to have a product on their hands that would not only replace the Wii U as the home console, but would allow the 3DS to finally rest in peace as well. Yet, here we are with the re-release of the original Luigi’s Mansion and the game is only releasing on the 3DS!?"

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-Foxtrot101d ago

The thing is they can easily move their entire 3DS Library to the Switch...isn't that something they'd enjoy doing, re-releasing games people may have missed out on for the Switch. I don't see why it hasn't happened, the Switch game library would explode

NecrumOddBoy100d ago

Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
Luigi's Mansion
Link Between Worlds
Metroid Samus Returns

These are games that should be on the Switch. They don't need any real HD updates. Just put them on Switch so we who grew out/past the dinky 3DS, can enjoy them, please.

FallenAngel1984101d ago

“Yet, here we are with the re-release of the original Luigi’s Mansion and the game is only releasing on the 3DS!?"”

Yeah because it’s so cheaper to just release it on 3DS because it’s reusing assets from Dark Moon.

3DS isn’t hurting anybody. Why you got a problem with it?

Theknightofnights100d ago

It'd be nice if they also released it on Switch though. I get why they aren't. It's a cheaper port, reusing the engine for Dark Moon and porting assets over...but I'd love to play the game in HD. I'll still buy it for 3DS though.

DJK1NG_Gaming100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

Kill something that still make money? LOL what
Like 3DS is nothing but a GC and WIi port machine now.
Luigi's Mansion 3 is coming to Switch next year.
What the big deal?

Jim7899d ago

The 3DS isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Some games are simply more fun to play on the 3DS and the latest releases plus the Nintendo support clearly show that it still has huge potential. Plus it does not hurt the Switch sales. Plus it's the only Switch alternative.