Yo-kai Watch 4 TGS 2018 trailer, gameplay

Level-5 has released the Tokyo Game Show 2018 trailer and a gameplay video of the show floor demo for Yo-kai Watch 4.

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phoenixwing1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

Looks great. I've always said the main reason I'm ever jealous of nintendo consoles is level 5's games. Probably the best acquisition nintendo have made in a long time. All their jrpg goodness shines through no matter what hardware they're given.

Edit: My bad i forgot it was monolith soft that got bought. Hopefully this comes to ps4.

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Segata1110d ago

Yeah, Nintendo owns Monolith but Level-5 is the third party but they did say all their games developed from here on ou will be on Nintendo systems. Not necessarily exclusives mind you.