Command and Conquer Remasters Coming For The Series 25th Anniversary

Jim Vessella of Electronic Arts has announced that EA is working on remasters of the Command and Conquer series and are seeking fan feedback

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2pacalypsenow40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

I would love playing Red Alert with a modern engine.

Vegamyster39d ago

Any of those old games would be fantastic.

The_Hooligan39d ago

Used to play those games in high school with LAN parties. So many good memories.

Omran39d ago

Red alert 2 along with yuri’s revenge

That would be awesome

-Foxtrot39d ago

Feedback? Like they give a shit, fans have been giving feedback for years, showing their love for the series and they then decide to give the the series a new game in the form of a mobile app. Worse when they then come out trying to defending it...

Hilarious...everytime when EA try to come off like they care.

Vegamyster39d ago

I doubt that Jim Vessella would be making a post on Reddit to ask what what the community wants in a remaster if they weren't listening, money talks after all and as he briefly mentioned the feedback was loud and clear over the mobile game. If these remasters do well then we'll probably get a new game, given the state of the RTS market i'm not shocked they want to test the waters first.

CorndogBurglar39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

The state of the RTS market? The last RTS we got that was worth a damn was StarCraft. And it was a huge hit. Why? Because it didn't try to change the formula of what fans love. If debs would stick to the formula of what makes RTS games popular then there would be no problem. But instead they tried to change it up then act like it's the franchise that people aren't interested in anymore lol.

Just make a new C&C in the same vein as the previously released titles and it will succeed. The only reason C&C went down hill is because the last main entry was so different with no base building. That isn't what people want and fans made that very clear.

Vegamyster39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

StarCraft 2 came out in 2010 (Last expansion was 2015), the Starcraft remaster may have done well to start but the MP scene is already dead a year later. Other than that the only other big RTS is the Total War series, the genre has not been doing well for years, even Petroglyphs Studios (Ex-Westwood) games have not been doing well. The only game that might help and revive it is Warcraft 4 if Blizzard announces it but we have no idea what they're developing, i agree we need by the numbers C&C game but they won't make one unless the remaster does well which is why Jim is doing the Reddit.

CorndogBurglar39d ago

Yeah I'm really not sure what kind of feedback they are looking for. It's very obvious what fans want.

The last C&C that they released was absolute garbage because they changed the formula that fans have loved for almost 20 years. Then they released a mobile app, to which they have received terrible feedback.

This really isn't rocket science. Make a new C&C that follows the same formula that fans have always loved. It's that simple. There shouldn't be any feedback required. Fans made it perfectly clear what they wanted after that last travesty.

ShadowWolf71239d ago

Looks like someone felt the backlash over that "C&C fans don't know what they want" comment.

Bhuahahaha39d ago

guess that c&c rivals aint doing great at hoarding money

TheColbertinator39d ago

EA is so lost with Command and Conquer. After years of silence,they announce a phone game? Absolute morons.

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The story is too old to be commented.