Gears Of War 2 Review ( Gears Of War fans have been waiting for Gears Of War 2 ever since they completed the original Gears Of War, and now that time is finally coming Gears Of War 2 releases Nov. 7th and we've gotten our hands on it early and are bringing you the fans the first official review of this terrific third person shooter.


The review was in violation of Microsoft's Embargo and they asked me to remove it until November so november 3rd you can checkout the review at, Sorry for any inconvienence this may have caused you.

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Flop Runs Deep4273d ago

And it proves Gears of War 2 has too many flaws to make it perfect!!

theKiller4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

so long for a biggest game of the 360 year!....ow wait there was no big game for 360 all year???OMG

it looks gear of war 2 turned out like i said gears of war 1.2!

Imallvol74273d ago

Can't wait to start playing it. The new commercial is AWESOME.

La Chance4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

Looks like Gears 2 is at least as good as the first one.

That means day 1 one purchase for me.Everyone who's already played Gears know what I mean :)

edit : just checked the first video , if thats the ad then yeah thats one crazy ad.

Jock4273d ago

If GoW2 is as good as the 1st one then that means it's not that good other than the MP the Campaign was quite underwhelming to say the least and it's still just 6 hrs long in GoW2...

but good you get to enjoy laggy 5 vs 5 Player modes online...while I can enjoy 60 player online matches...^_^

RebornSpy4273d ago

Was it a bad game, too? Of course not.

power of Green 4273d ago

Gears is an cover based 3rd person tactical shooter and R2 is and average frag fest title with lots of fragging(frantic mess/60 players) with average visuals lol.

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PS3n3604273d ago

Just cant stand the site of a burly hero in your games? go play Final F4gtasy so you can be a half boy half girl pu$$y with Prince's wardrobe. Gears doesn't make your favourite game less fun so what are you so concearned about?

iHEARTboobs4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

MGS4 was 6 hours long? Where did you get that from? It took me close to 30 with maybe a third of that being cut scenes. But i do agree, if a game is good, it's good regardless of length but i'm sure most would like their games to last longer than 15+ hours.

edit: Arrgh, that's true, and it goes both ways. But you know, you can't ever reason with fanboys.

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thewhoopimen4273d ago

Personally, I thought this review was written rather poorly. Yes the game deserves its score, but this review didn't get much into details and kind of breezed over some of the more interesting points about the game. Didn't learn much from this review except that the author loves the game.

Downtown boogey4272d ago

MGS4 wasn't 6 hours long! WTF, man? The cutscenes alone take about 10 hours. The avarage playthrough time (1st playthrough) for MGS4 is 22 hours. I managed to complete the game in 2h 34min tho ;)

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Omega44273d ago

Im sure online reviews arent allowed to be released till Nov. 3 at least thats what IGN said

Jandre024273d ago

I think they reviewed the bootleg version. I was thinking the same thing as I was looking at it.

How does this no name site get to review it, yet we don't see 1up, IGN, Gamespot, Eurogamer, Edge, etc.

I don't think this is a permitted review, and it definitely isn't the final version since I would think it would be receiving a patch on release day.

And once again, I think R2 will be better, but I don't think we will need fake reviews to prove it. Gears 2 will be the second best shooter this generation, and I think epic deserves legit reviews.

N4PS3G4273d ago

smells fishy

this site is completly covered in LBP media ..from the name to the background

and this is their ONLY game review

plus this game embargo end on NOV 3rd

.... emmmm .. im going yo say no

trancefreak4273d ago

The website isnt mainstream with 1 review lol but im sure gears is still worthy of a 9 though :)

fufotrufo4273d ago

lol.. this is their first review ever

Lord Shuhei Yoshida4273d ago


Shame they are reviewing a flop,isn't it?

Deadman644273d ago

Lord do you have friends outside of your fellow sony fanboys on here??

fufotrufo4273d ago

umm don't think so

last time i cheked ..the review was for Gears 2 ..not Flopcom and Motorflop 2


lawman11084272d ago

And THAT's a FACT. Viva Pinata sold more then Unfarted *OUCH*

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