Game Dev: Telltale F’ed Themselves Only Having Licenses, Grew Too Fast, Could Have Been Avoided

Joe Y writes: It's sad to see the closure of beloved studio, Telltale, but could it have been avoided? Owning original IP could have helped.

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-Foxtrot12d ago

Said that from the start, they couldn't make a new IP themselves and I think it's because they knew without a respected franchise to shield them they knew they'd be criticized

Smokehouse12d ago

Yeah this is one of those blatantly obvious closures.

MoshA10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

They started releasing lazy cash grabs for immense profit like Ubisoft but the sales didn't make up for it because of their outdated engine and niche gameplay. Why would anyone play an interactive movie if its writing is bad? They got what was coming to them. I mourned them a year ago when I realised what was happening, now I'm happy.

1. Walking Dead will be finished by people with some ambition for the franchise
2. Borderlands 3 can use Telltale's characters for the story
3. Wolf Among us was based on a comic series you can just read

nighthawk37299d ago

My wife and I played the wolf among us, we were really looking forward to 2. It's just not the same to read it together, a real shame.

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The story is too old to be commented.