Top 10 Best Video Game Protagonists of This Console Generation

This console generation has seen some of gaming's best protagonists and heros. Here is a list of our 10 favorite characters we've played as this gen.

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GaboonViper101d ago

Aloy is my number 1, incredible character.

Skull521101d ago

Master Chief is the greatest protagonist of all time.

capjacksparrow101d ago

Lol. I used to play Halo 2 religiously. I still don't remember much from those games beside the fun multiplayer. I mean, they were by no means bad, but the stories were forgettable. And Master Chief is okay, way better protagonists in the industry. Maybe coulda made an argument for that back during the OG Xbox days, but not now.

Dragonscale101d ago

@skull, no way especially this gen. Masterchief is just a dumb avatar for the player lol.

UltraNova101d ago

It has to be Kratos for me. This guy went through alot, to say the least and look where he is today.

Uncharted's Drake while a fun, memorable character doesn't have the depth displayed by Kratos.

Cartman55125100d ago

Master Chief looks cool, but his most compelling moments that make him more than just a suit of armor are in The Fall of Reach book.

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capjacksparrow101d ago

So... If you want games with good characters, get a Playstation? That's what I got from the article lol

Lynx0207101d ago

Than you should read it again. There are multiplatform games there.

capjacksparrow101d ago

I read it just fine. Half of them are PlayStation exclusive characters, half are not, but all are available on PlayStation. I'm not saying other consoles don't have anything on offer, but the reason I primarily buy PS systems is because of the great stories and characters. The list is solid.

rainslacker100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

Maybe that's not coincidence? I mean, Sony does seem to have a lot of good video game protagonist. This in the face of games where the face of the protagonist is less defined. I mean, can we say Skyrim had the best game protagonist when that protagonist had no relevance to the story itself because you were meant to be them.

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Frinker101d ago

Do not agree with Alloy

Inzo101d ago

1. Nathan Drake
2. Kratos
3. Tico & the boy/Peter Parker
4. Gerald
5. Aloy
6. Kara
7. Sir Galahad (Yes it got slammed by critics but I really enjoyed the game and I think Galahad is one of the coolest looking characters in gaming today)
8. Link
9. Nioh
10. Kat

rainslacker100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

I'd probably put in 2B/9S into the mix. Both amazing characters with a lot of depth and growth through the story, coupled with alternate outlooks to their personalities in subsequent playthroughs which only enhanced the nature of their motivations throughout.

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