Ubisoft has called EA out for their most hated Reddit comment

[Video Contains Spoilers]

Some mistakes stick forever, and the Star Wars: Battlefront II mistake is still sticking with EA as their rival, Ubisoft, called them out in their recently released Assassin's Creed: Odyssey for failed cover-up of pay-to-win loot boxes.

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Lighter9226d ago

Ha! I played this mission this morning.

TekoIie225d ago

Not really when you can pay for an XP boost. Especially when its clear that the levelling system has been balanced to promote the MT's so if anything this is almost them taunting the player. All the NPC's question where your honour is if you pay to complete the pre-trial but then Ubi wants money to make the game easier?? Fucking rich.

Dark_Knightmare2225d ago

Dude I’m playing odyssey and leveling up every few sidequests it’s not balanced to make you pay for the xp booster. People who just rush the main story yeah they are going to be underleveled just like other rpgs where you need to do sidequests and other things for xp. The people who talk about odyssey leveling the most are the people who didn’t even buy and play the game

neutralgamer1992225d ago


Couldn't agree more gamers only see EA while ubi are worst for having micro transactions in their single player games

They are releasing these games with season passes and on top of that are charging for stuff via micro transactions

RizBiz225d ago

They're selling XP boosts? That's pretty f*cking shady.

TekoIie225d ago (Edited 225d ago )


Remember when Assassins Creed wasnt a very difficult game? If you wanted to get 100% sync then there'd be a bit of a challenge but the general gameplay was very easy. I remember completing the games with the worst weapons a few times and it wasnt at all challenging. But all of a sudden they introduce a levelling system and MT's that allow you to level faster and buy powerful weapons and the game SOMEHOW has some challenge to it. You don't think they may have bumped the difficulty up to make someone more likely to buy some better gear when they start the game do you?

Let's not bullshit. AC's current level system, skill system and equipment is all put together to increase the likelihood of someone throwing money at the game to advance faster. If we defend things like this we take ourselves a step further towards another market crash.

Dark_Knightmare2225d ago

Ac is def harder now but that’s a good thing and let’s not kid ourselves it’s not even that hard and def isn’t souls like hard. I platinumed origins with no problems and didn’t ever feel the need to spend a dime because the fancy weapons and armor you can get from the mts aren’t more powerful than anything in the main game and the same is true for odyssey. I respect your opinion and I hate mts myself when they are pay to win but you can do everything in odyssey without spending a dime just like origins so I’m not going to hate just because they are there as an option for other people who either don’t have the time or aren’t very good at games to see the game through.

--Onilink--225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

remember when Assasins Creed wasnt an RPG? is probably what you are trying to say.

Since when is doing side quests and exploring in an RPG "grinding"? my god, just because Jim Sterling complains about something (god knows no one takes Polygon seriously for anything else, dont see why we should start now), it doesnt mean its suddenly the unmistakable truth.

Just as you say that the leveling system is balaced to promote MT, there are just as many people, if not more, who say they actually had to move the game to Hard to make it challenging. Can you explain to me how exactly can those 2 things happen at the same time?

Even The Witcher had the story missions level gated, its what happens in pretty much any Open World RPG.
Its no different than pushing only for the story in a JRPG and then suddenly reaching a boss or area where you are completely underleveled and cant progress. At least the leveling here is through activities and not endlessly defeating monsters.

If you dont want or have time to sink into an RPG, then dont buy it, but stop comparing it to previous AC games when those were clearly not RPGs and this one (and Origins) clearly are.

Also, the MT armor isnt even better than the in game armor, its just themed gear, so not even in that regard is the gameplay balanced towards MTs

KyRo224d ago

Any RPG or other genre that forces you to do sidequests to progress instatly puts me off. The Witcher 3 was a pain in the ass for that.

Christopher224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

That XP boost is about as necessary as cosmetic gear. It's not at all "clear" that the leveling system is balanced to promote it. You will overlevel any area easily. Heck, you can see that just on the starting area when you leave at least 2 levels higher than the original 'max' intended level.

Stop parroting youtubers and kotaku, experienec it yourself.

***Any RPG or other genre that forces you to do sidequests to progress instatly puts me off. The Witcher 3 was a pain in the ass for that.***

It doesn't do that, though... There are multiple lines of mainstory quests, though. You have your main Odyssey quests, which branch out later. Then there's your 'hitlist' for assasination. Then there are things like Athena's hunts and the like. They're all main story quests, but they run parallel. Then, on top of that, there are quests that add to the main storyline (gold diamonds on the map). Then, that's when you get to your completely unnecessary side quests, from message board quests, timed quests, and the like.

Just doing the main stuff will level you up enough, but it will also likely be harder since you're not overleveled. And that's where people really have the issue. They want their cake and they want to eat it too. You can't become all powerful, have all the coolest gear, and have all the skills without working towards it. But people don't want that, they want it to be handed to them without effort.

That's not how games in general work, let alone RPGs.

Imagine these sort of complaints about a dark souls game, where the whole concept is to die repeatedly and to earn souls to grow in power to make it easier to take on enemies.

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neutralgamer1992225d ago

No it's not thru are just as greedy but everyone only wants to hate on EA

Take two

All are running after MT. Ubi are the worst since they are going it in single player games where your XP is being held back in hopes of making you frustrated enough to pay for XP boost

Garrett_the_GOD225d ago

Same with Warner Bros and the bullshit they pulled with Shadow of War

neutralgamer1992224d ago

True and shadow of war removing MT and easing the grind showed that the developer had made the grind harder to have gamers spend money

Concertoine225d ago

Throwing rocks in glass houses

Rangerman1208225d ago

Lol the irony!

Still a good move from Ubi though.

rainslacker225d ago

While I do appreciate the jab at EA over this, it's not like Ubisoft isn't complicit in their own questionable MT practices.

To their credit, they don't try to cover them up or apoligize about them in the same way that EA did with SW:BF....but realistically, Ubi hasn't been under as much pressure over it as EA faced at the time.

SilverDemon225d ago

You don't need to be a saint to punish the devil

rainslacker224d ago

That is true, and generally speaking, I don't find Ubisoft anywhere near as bad as ea on these things.

neutralgamer1992225d ago

When to make your games fun to play someone has to A. Do bunch of randomly generated side quests or B. Spend on XP booster than you have no right to make fun of anyone else

Halting the XP gained in hopes that gamers will become frustrated to spend is wrong on every level

But like Jim sterling said his bosses use to tell him to never bring up business side in his reviews that's why he left the big media companies

Reviewers won't call out ubi and assassin creed fanboys are too blind and in defend at any cost mode that they are saying its not a problem at all

Saying stuff like it's an RPG doesn't make it right when other open world RPG's have shown in the past how it's done. You should never force anyone to play your side content instead you should put the care into making tvat content where gamers want to play it

Witcher 3's side content has the level of detail that ubi main quests have in their games. Witcher 3 expansions have better content than any ubi game. Witcher 3 expansions under ubi would have been 2 adfiotnal Witcher games at full price

Skyrim a old game still has better content than most ubi games

Ubi games just fill the game world with as many useless icons as possible. More isn't better, quality over quantity

But good job gamers making it one of the best selling assassin creed games of all time meaning ubi can continue on this path towards adding more micro transactions

Just like when millions of gamers buy black ops 4 they will indeed tell Activision we don't want campaigns so Activision will spend less and make more. The only thing they were spending on were the blockbuster style campaigns

stupidusername225d ago

I agree in your statements about most ubisoft gsmes. Although i’ve got 30 hours in AC Odyssey and I have yet got to a point where I’m not able to do main story quests because of my level. I have only done 2 random generated side quests, but a lot of side quests, finding recruits for my ship and some playing around with the shadow om mordor inspired merchant system.
So i totally get why some reviewers aren’t focusing on the xp boosts - because it’s not as bad as many other RPGs, and if u do normal side quests it will be no problem. Jim Sterling does a lot of good in that he exposes greedy conpanies, but he cherry picks. If there’s a single loot box in a game you know sterling will hate and rant no matter how good the game itself is.

Realms225d ago

He's not wrong though why put MT unless of course they want that extra money? MT in a single player game are obvious cash grabs they serve no other purpose. I can see why MT in a F2P online game only would be useful but in a single player game? Making excuses for publishers that do this crap isn't helping in stopping this practice. If nobody calls them out then they would blatantly do what EA has done in FIFA, MADDEN and sadly SW: BF.

meka2611224d ago

Yea I actually have started backing off playing Odyssey because I hit a wall and need to level to do the story. I really am not a fan of that for Assassin's creed; in previous ones you could do the story all the way through if you were enjoying it. This is actually the same reason I quite playing origins was from hitting a wall and needed to grind.

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