First official Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered details; new lighting rendering system, textures & more

Ubisoft has revealed the first official details for the remastered version of Assassin’s Creed 3 that is included in the Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey Season Pass. According to its official page, this remastered version comes with a new lighting rendering system, new character models, new textures and a denser crowd.

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Bismarn2076d ago

Now all they got to add is a new setting, new story, and new protagonist, and the game may be worth another look.

Seraphim2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

I admit I was never a fan of the setting or character but after finally playing it about a year after it's release... well it's definitely a great game and one of my favorite AC games. Though I suppose that doesn't say much because I loved 1, 2, 3 and Black Flag equally Lol. Origins was great in it's own right but it's so far removed from the staples of AC games that it kind of feels like a completely different franchise that uses some elements from AC and shares the same engine. Odyssey seems to be going even further and by next year the series will be so far removed from it's roots it might as well be a new IP, not AC.

starchild2076d ago

I don't agree at all. To me even Odyssey still feels like an Assassin's Creed game in general. It's true there have been some changes over the years, but what series doesn't undergo changes if it sticks around long enough? For example, I think recent entries in series like Mario and God of War feel like bigger departures from their earlier games than Origins or Odyssey do from earlier Assassin's Creed games. So if those aforementioned games can hold onto their series names then Assassin's Creed easily can too.

Hungryalpaca2076d ago

The only thing that’s really changed is the combat system and dialogue. The rest largely the same as other ACs

Seraphim2075d ago


they've taken the Assassin out of Creed though. Even in Origins to a degree. I admit I haven't played Odyssey which is why I said seem to go even further. I based that off what I've heard and read so far. Furthermore, I was listening to the PS Blogcast with one of the developers, not sure who or which role, and he mentioned that because it takes place before Origins they're not bound by the same constraints as old games. ie: you don't get the message/re-do stating Assassins don't kill civilians. Essentially giving you full control of what you do and who you kill. That was part of the animus. Which animus and that whole current/future story can be argued as favorable or unfavorable but it was Animus who constrained the player and made sure they acted the part of honorable hero. Because it takes place so far in the past, before the brotherhood. Also noted was that this will be the first game w/o the hidden blade. But who does that make sense since Animus is the gateway to the past. Get where I'm at here?

Until I play it I won't know for certain how far removed it is from past AC games including but not limited to Origins. Even though it's open world, maintains the combat to some degree, has historical figures and time places, etc, doesn't make it an AC game. For me when you take the Assassin and/or Creed out of the game you're left with a Historical game that uses the AC strengths, builds on them but isn't really a AC title. Granting assassination always felt kind of hit or miss but often that was because of the level design. Like a mission in AC3 where you had to air assassinate a general on a horse yet there was no perch or place to air assassinate him from. Riding in on your horse and jumping to try assassination didn't work because the enemy was alerted.

NeodeosX2076d ago

Nope, they don't. It's my fav AC in terms of story and character development, as for many other fans.

starchild2076d ago

Yeah, it's one of my favorites too. Connor's story holds special meaning for me for reasons I won't get into. But I also enjoyed exploring that setting and time period. The combat was also the most fluid and cinematic of all the games. I still much prefer the revamped combat in Origins and Odyssey, but even if AC3's was too easy and nearly automated at least it looked good.

annoyedgamer2076d ago

Connor is fine and his dad is even better. This was one of the last good AC games.

Andy_Dee2076d ago

Should've just given the one closest to odyssey and released a remaster of black flag instead!

A pirates life yo hoo!

KillZallthebeast2076d ago

Black flag was my favorite by far. Nothing beats the shanties while you sail the sea.

GTgamer2076d ago

100% would of preferred black flag I love that game

Angelin2076d ago

But you can play it on current gen already.

Andy_Dee2076d ago

Yes but those who doesn't have it could get it with the purchase of the new one :)

Rather that than number 3 for no apparent reason.

ragnalamb2075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

Or.... They could go to any virtual store, and buy it; as they could've done it for the last 3 years, being on sale as low as $9.99 (pc version has been at $5 if i recall correctly) more than once every month.

Additionaly, AC3 was chosen cause its one of the games missing a remaster this gen, along with the first AC. Thats a reason.

twiggytree122076d ago

Black Flag was already updated for current gen consoles.

DirtyBollix2076d ago

Why remaster it though? Still looks great on current gen..

EmperorDalek2076d ago

"Yes but those who doesn't have it could get it with the purchase of the new one"

The logic is undeniable. Now I wonder when they'll announce Assassin's Creed Odyssey Remastered. I'd get the current version, but I'd rather wait for a remaster just in case.

MrSwankSinatra2076d ago

that's stupid, especially when there is nothing to remaster, AC IV is on current gen.

Andy_Dee2075d ago

Ppl really downvote logic xD wtf is wrong with giving them a better game that is closer to Odyssey to begin with? AC 3 is one of the worst ones to date if you check the series as a whole, Black flag really opened up the whole world by going out to sea and being able to find underwater locations and such. I'm not saying that they did wrong I'm just stating that Odyssey has more in common with Black Flag than AC 3 which is actually true.

Second, why not give new players the chance to play something that came before Odyssey and was great as well. The naval battles, the ocean exploration for ghost ships and stuff like this. Downvoting logic is weird.. :S

MrSwankSinatra2075d ago

Downvoting logic isnt weird your comment is just stupid, sorry, but you keep going on about that ubisoft should give players a chance to play something closer to odyssey, yet Black Flag is on PS4, so people do have that chance. if they want to play something closer to odyssey black flag is there for purchases on ps4. AC 3 was restricted to PS3 which is why its getting remastered.

Andy_Dee2074d ago

Yes but giving AC 3 isn't logical either, the point should be selling and giving something of value not something they haven't remastered..

I don't understand how some think here. So it is better to give a game that is worse and not give something that would be nice to get. Then instead go back and give the first one, or the whole ezio collection instead. Why the only one that isn't remastered.

fine have it your way guys. Take the AC 3. Just thinkin nicer to get a better game, but what do I know give more money for an old game instead of getting a better one, just my opinion xD hahah.

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Ceaser98573612076d ago

I liked the combat on this game. Probably will pick it up later IF its sold separately ( and its Ubi so it will be sold separately) and get the Plat.. Looks easy

Hardiman2076d ago

I know a lot of people didn't care for III but I enjoyed it and really the trilogy that began with III is my favorite out of the AC's. I realize I'm in the minority but I just enjoyed the story Black Flag, Rogue and III told! I can't wait to play the remaster!