Here's Why Fallout 76 Isn't Coming To Steam

One of 2018's biggest games is skipping the world's largest PC platform, and now Bethesda explains why.

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SickSinceSix8d ago

That's cool, I wasn't going to buy it anyway.

fiveby98d ago

So we're on the path to having 10 different PC game launchers just to play a game. Ugh. At this point, FO76 is a non-purchase for me on PC or console. Maybe in the future, if it is decent but certainly not day one. I'll still be playing RDR2 when FO76 launches. I'll watch some streams to see if it is worth the money.

SickSinceSix8d ago

I mainly use Steam and GOG Galaxy but I have Uplay, Origin, Battle.Net and Epic Launcher as well so far. I probably won't download Bethesda's Launcher unless I can't get Elder Scrolls VI on Steam when it comes out.

--bienio--8d ago

Who is going to buy this shit? This is not resistance, it's a joke. wake me up when a real fallout will be released.

titans99997d ago

Meh, I don’t care, not buying this or anything that is always online garbarge....