Borderlands 2 VR – Announce Trailer

The iconic shooter-looter gets in your face! Virtually immerse yourself in the untamed world of Borderlands.

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Cajun Chicken741d ago

I am frustrated this is another stupid PSVR timed exclusive like Skyrim VR, I want this PC game on Steam on my Vive attached to my PC. At least Fallout 4 VR is timed for PC, but I bet you that Gearbox don't have anything in return for Vive owners to wait this time and may I add. PC Headsets are FAR more accurate than PSVR so the game honestly can't be shown at it's full VR potential with the lack of tracking and area to move around in.

Sam Fisher741d ago

Im a psvr owner and yes i agree completely, i hate the teleport moving so much, im still waiting on oculus quest. Hope it pulls out some good games. I just want analog sticks. It really bums me out. Only game im playing atm is firewall due to the aim controller

Sono421740d ago

Agreed I was 100% ready to buy until I saw it was teleporting movement.... AGAIN. like omfg can we stop this already?! Teleporting is so disorienting in VR and defeats the purpose of VR as it's immersion breaking. I actually can't stand it and VR on PS5 and NextBox BETTER not have teleporting as their main form of movement.

ocelot07741d ago

Let's hope for PC users sake it's not a timed exclusive unlike Resident Evil 7 VR.

ApocalypseShadow741d ago (Edited 741d ago )

I agree that multiplatform games should stay multiplatform in and out of VR. But bagging on PSVR doesn't make sense.

PCVR gets exclusives that PSVR owners don't. That sucks too. Or we have to wait. Also, we all know PSVR isn't room scale or as powerful. That's like dogging on consoles for not having PC power for the last 40 years. Or consoles not having all the extra buttons a keyboard would provide. It's a console with a console VR HMD.

Gamers work around all limitations. PSVR has good tracking and limited movement because it was designed for stationary VR. Not moving around a room. Most consoles are in the entertainment area or living room. There's no room to move around the coffee table, the couch, end tables,etc. Sony didn't want the headache of accidents for something that covers your face.

Next gen might be equal footing on controls. But I still wouldn't expect console VR to match the advances that PC will have even after PSVR version 2 comes out. And, I don't expect Fallout 4 to come to PSVR. I'ts not timed. It's exclusive.

Mr_Writer85740d ago


PSVR is keeping the VR dream alive, when the Vive has a bigger install base and is cheaper than PSVR then you can moan.

Until then be thankful that PSVR is around. It may not be as good as Vive, but it's cheaper so to expect the same result is daft.

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ApocalypseShadow741d ago

PSVR just keeps getting games. Next thing you know, we'll be playing Killzone 2 and multiplayer Warhawk in VR.

What other surprises are coming?

Abnor_Mal741d ago

Aw man now that's a dream right there to play a Killzone game in VR. Warhawk I would imagine is like the Call of Duty space experience we got some time ago, or Endspace. Which was a little disorienting because there is no sky or ground to help you stabilize and orient yourself.

jukins741d ago

Man how fun would warhawk be in vr. Flying in that would probably be the first vr game to make me sick

Cajun Chicken741d ago

I would buy a PSVR for that. At the moment I just have Wipeout VR as a killer app for myself, personally. But there are so many games LIKE Wipeout on PC with VR cockpits too.

VR exclusivity is fine IF the IP is owned by the platform maker. I will buy another VR set (in time and in budget if it touts first party and owned exclusives). It really frustrates me when it's third party and times when the later (and purposely delayed) versions for Vive and Oculus will be far better and immersive for proof of VRs survival and immersion.

inxine741d ago

yessss i cant wait xD this gonna be so terrifying but awesome :)

81BX739d ago

Yes there is. I would have preferred to see a new borderlands. Even if it's not a fully fleshed game. I feel like we've been getting the same borderlands over and over again just packaged differently. My apologies for wanting a new one.

Marcello741d ago

Great news, if/when it comes to rift i might just pick this. Bioshock 1 & Dead Space 1 next please :)

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