Sony Confirms Next-Generation PlayStation Hardware Is "Necessary," Surprising No One

Sony's Kenichiro Yoshida confirmed that the release of a next-generation hardware platform is necessary for the PlayStation business.

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Obscure_Observer2059d ago


"Water is wet?"

You wouldn´t belive how many people think that major companies like Sony and Microsoft would leave the console business for an all digital streaming services and games distribution.

jimbost792059d ago

Eventually they will tho mate. Maybe not for 20 years but eventually there will be no need to produce consoles.

JaguarEvolved2059d ago

I can't wait to buy a ps5 day one. Next generation gaming starts when the ps5 is released

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Highlife2059d ago

Just go back to the articles before this gen. Mobile gaming, streaming, oya where all the doom of traditional gaming consoles.

neutralgamer19922059d ago

Holiday 2019

February-March 2019 reveal than full reveal E3 2019

Make way too much sense for them not to release it next year. Business wise 2020 nes no sense as that's when nevt Xbox would launch too

Sony put itself in great position to launch in 2019 by launching ps4 pro a year before Xbox x. If yall think launching early doesn't have the best affect than look at Xbox 360. By launching the Ps5 in holiday 2019 Sony will have all the market to itself and ms would play catch up while next Gen

I know I will get a lot of disagrees but I have facts backing up my claims

Sony went out of its way to announce before this year's E3 of no new hardware announcement

Sony cancelled PSX because whatever they wanted to show on ps4 has been shown meaning no new exclusives to announce

Sony could have delayed the pro and matched or surpassed Xbox x specs but longterm business wise it made no sense

Ps5 could launch at $499 and won't make a big difference because that's next Gen and by the time next Xbox comes drop the price to undercut

Vizigoth042059d ago

Yeah that's just dumb. The answer should be, if Mobile platform is indeed the way ahead then Sony or Microsoft for that matter should be smart enough to make sure the user base of their platform and software is well established on on their own specific mobile device before cutting off the console. But at the same time if even with the existence of a Mobile device if console sales are still strong they should remain. I mean I really don't want to play the next God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Spider-Man sequel or The Last of Us 2 on my cellphone. That does not sound immersive what so ever.

darthv722059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

Next generation for PlayStation gaming starts when the ps5 is released.

To be fair, "next generation" already started... for Nintendo anyways.

DarXyde2059d ago


There are good reasons to not buy a console on day one. You don't know if there will be hardware issues, the launch software is very likely not going to be great, and you don't know the asking price.

Don't be a Guinea pig. Even if it's waiting 2-3 weeks to scope out about issues/ reviews.

CptDville2059d ago

Well, there are many people who think earth is flat. That does not make the argument reasonable.

S2Killinit2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

He is saying that because he wants to bundle Sony up with MS even though nobody says Sony is leaving consoles behind, only MS with their focus on services, Gaas, PC, play anywhere, and PR rhetoric leads people to believe that MS doesn’t see the “Console” to be all that integral to their plans for gaming.

Christopher2059d ago

***Next-generation starts when the first console is released***

It's already started. Nintendo put out the Switch.

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darthv722058d ago

@gumby... uhh, that wasn't "highlife"... that was "neutralgamer" that said those things.

agent45322058d ago

It makes business sense for one less costs and able to target everyone not just say 40 million but 1 billion people through a Netflix like service that's readily available on tv, PC, and mobile. The hardware of consoles is dead. Smartphones hardware is as good as latest consoles plus PC hardware is way ahead of what consoles can offer hardware wise.

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n1kki62059d ago

Water makes things wet. Wetness describes our interaction with the water. Water is technically not considered wet.
Source: http://scienceline.ucsb.edu...

TastyTostada2059d ago

You only addressed answer 1. It's a subjective question which relies on how one chooses to approach and perceive the concept. In your own source you just posted, answer 2 says it is:

"If we define "wet" as a sensation that we get when a liquid comes in contact with us, then yes, water is wet to us."

If we define "wet" as "made of liquid or moisture", then water is definitely wet because it is made of liquid, and in this sense, all liquids are wet because they are all made of liquids. I think that this is a case of a word being useful only in appropriate contexts."

It's semantics really. A pointless response.

UltraNova2058d ago


Molten metal is liquid as well, molten iron for example...I wouldn't call it "wet" right?. It actually burns everything it comes to contact with so its the far opposite of "wet".

Basically all the definitions you guys mentioned regarding liquids and wet-ness are, well crap in the general scale of things.

sinspirit2058d ago

1. Science explains things differently as science requires different view points and explanations to explain things more precisely, just like medical terminology meaning something other than the general meaning.

2. The first definition on Google - "covered or saturated with water or another liquid". Guess what is saturated with water? Any body of water.

3. Referring back to 1. The bottom of your link gives you the basic run down of three ways of viewing "wet". Even though the other uses of the word exist, one of them still says that water is indeed "wet". So, yes. It is.

4. The fact many are saying water is not wet just shows you how bad social engineering gets. Suddenly everyone starts seeing something differently, second guessing what they knew, and find a reason to believe what they think is the new mass consensus rather than upholding their prior thoughts.

5. Why are we so off topic for no reason?


Wet doesn't mean pleasing, relaxing, or a specified temperature and composition. Just because water is 99% of the time the only liquid you deal with in some form doesn't make the most common word to describe it solely used for it.

If you're referring to an object that gets one of the more extreme liquids poured onto itself. Because of the temperature difference, something hot will cool down, or melt the object. Metal would be too thick to actually soak into something so probably not. And, liquid nitrogen would generally just repel off an object because of the temperature difference. The Leidenfrost effect. You can pour liquid nitrogen on your hand(don't try it) and it will just bounce off and you'll barely feel the cold. But, if you submerge your hand then it's a whole different story. The extreme temperature difference brings in many other factors that tend to prevent wetness but technically those liquids themselves are wet even though they won't soak into everyday materials

TastyTostada2058d ago

@Ultranova "Basically all the definitions you guys mentioned regarding liquids and wet-ness are, well crap in the general scale of things."

The University of California, Santa Barbara has a partnership with the National Science Foundation. ( https://www.nsf.gov/)

n1kki6's article wasn't bad, he only highlighted a portion of it though.

If you're saying that UCSB and the NSF don't know what they're talking about, but you do, well.... okay then...

(sinspirit- well said.)

*And yes, this has gotten WAY off topic, lol.

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Army_of_Darkness2059d ago

I don't think consoles will ever go away just like PC gaming will always need a powerful rig to play current games at their best... Streaming is good for convenience, but definitely not the definitive way to play in terms of achieving highest resolution and performance (fps).

agent45322058d ago

How about downloading games that seems to work very well. Just picture the latest tv set with 8 core processor with built-in thunderbolt port; turn on tv log in to PSN or Xbox Live via the tv app. Boom! Instant gaming and then just download say games to external hard drive or usb stick. See there is no need for consoles. PC gaming still alive due to there is no way to create games right now without a PC.

RobertDsouza2059d ago

They are even "Rumored To be Working on a Tablet Designed for Games and Streaming Multimedia Content" - https://gametransfers.com/s...

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Obscure_Observer2059d ago

Glad to know that console hardware will still play the major role for both Sony and Microsoft.

lxeasy2059d ago

Yeah remember Pacther and others saying this will be the last gen. Lol I knew it wouldn't.

Monkeycan82059d ago

He also said Last Gen (PS3,XB360) would be the last console gen ever in 2007 I believe.

SuperSonic912058d ago

I remeber that . Cliffy B too said mobile is the future and PS4 is DOA. LoL

rainslacker2058d ago

Consoles will easily be around for another 2-3 generations. Maybe more depending on what new techs come to enable home gaming.

Practically speaking, technology always moves forward, and new things to do with those technologies will always be worked on. Just think of how much time console gaming has been on the market. In the grand scheme of things, it has been a relatively short period of time. Just like cell phones, most of us probably can't remember a time where they weren't ubiquitous, yet they have only been in their current state of popularity for less than two decades. That technology itself has changed, and brought new things to the market, which are now expected or wanted. Same will happen with consoles.

Who knows what another 40 years will bring. Whether Sony, Nintendo, and MS will still bel in the console race, or who may join the fray. But I have little doubt that there will always be something akin to a console for the consumer market. At least until we have mandated always connected chips in our brain....which I hopefully won't be around to see.