Resident Evil 2 Deluxe Noir Costumes Get First 1080p Screenshots; They Unlock Black and White Filter

Capcom released the first screenshots of Claire and Leon wearing the "Noir" costumes included in the Deluxe Edition, which unlock an appropriate filter.

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Matrix6105d ago

Is the Noir theme also set in L.A.? Nahhhh

PapaBop105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

They look awesome BUT.. locked behind the deluxe edition? I hate this practice so much. Back in the day, noir costumes and black and white filter would have been the perfect unlock for completing the game and giving incentive to play through the game a second time. Now, just pay an additional 25% extra on the base game to unlock.

Sirk7x105d ago

Wonder if you'll still be able to find Brad by not picking any items up before the police station.

Lynx0207105d ago

Awesome. I know it is stupid, but noir costumes make it worth buying deluxe ed. for me.

NapalmSanctuary105d ago

If only they would lock Ada's noir costume behind a paywall.

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