Assassin's Creed's Modern Story Has Outstayed Its Welcome

The modern day part of the Assassin's Creed narrative has always been a big part, but should it be? Maybe it's time Ubisoft left the Animus behind.

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Snookies129d ago

They've never really utilized it well enough for it to be memorable. As a result, most of the sections where you leave the animus just seem unnecessary. It could be really cool if done right, they just haven't done it right.

TekoIie9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

That's pretty much the problem. Also, they insisted on introducing ancient humans or aliens (i really don't care what we call them) to the point where it distracted from what was actually interesting and made AC what it is. A collection of stories about the Templars journey to control the world and how the Assassins fight against them. At this point, its become so convoluted that it doesn't actually have a clear direction.

I'd much rather return to a story about the Assassins using the animus for training and to learn about the Templars, and use the information from the memories to fight the war in the modern day while also telling stories throughout history. I honestly feel the best scene in the entire series (admittedly of what I have played) was the ending of Revelations. The Scene where Ezio understands that his role in the story is smaller than he expected but sees what his purpose was is in it all is a very emotional point. Also seeing more of Altair and how he grew as a character was brilliant and they did so much character progression for two characters in one game.

Currently, it looks like AC is almost final fantasy-esque in how they're just telling lots of separate stories which in itself isn't bad but feels extremely limited given how much history they have to play with.

Name Last Name9d ago

It went downhill after Desmond's death.

Cobra9519d ago

Right. It did not develop well at all. Started out with such promise too. Pity.

OpenGL9d ago

This happened 10 years ago.

kneon9d ago

I've never cared for the modern day sections. They are just a reason for why the rest of the game exists, they don't need to be made any longer than necessary.

Psychotica9d ago

I wish they would remove the modern story line entirely.

AK919d ago

Yup agreed after they killed of Desmond (stupid move btw) the modern story has just seemed unnecessary.

479d ago

Yes it has. Even more so now with the addition of these new losers.

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The story is too old to be commented.