The 3 Best and 3 Worst Games From September 2018

COGconnected: September draws to a close as we move into the holiday season, and we've had the accompanying ups and downs with games that goes with it.

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Orionsangel725d ago

So far God of War is GOTY for me. Waiting on RDR2.

rdgneoz3725d ago

God of War and Spider-Man are both amazing. Both are polished nicely and the developers did an amazing job with their stories and combat. And yah, can't wait for RDR2.

gamer7804725d ago

have to really disagree with their assessment of life is strange 2, totally takes you out of the feel of Arcadia bay and into the world of don't nod trying to assert their company's political agenda on its players rather than try to tell a multifaceted story from different viewpoints that focuses on real characters and not stereotypes. As a fan of the first 2 it was a huge disappointment, other games far more deserving of best games of September, any of them really.

qalpha724d ago

This list is not really about which are the good games and which are the bad. It's about how woke the games are. Choosing a hentai game as the worst because it made the reviewer feel "gross"?