'Tomb Raider' Cosplayer Nails the Classic Lara Croft Look

CB writes: "With Shadow of the Tomb Raider out now for players to enjoy, and the official end of Lara Croft's origins arc, it's time for a Croft-y blast from the past with a more classic style. And now, it's not Polygon Lara either.

The cosplayer in question goes by the name 'CutiePieSensei' and she is no stranger to amazing work!"

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NecrumOddBoy2060d ago

She looks nothing like Lara in any way. Wearing a blue tank top with booty shorts doesn't make the outfit.

ninsigma2060d ago

umm, yes it does...
Those are the clothes classic lara wears and it's plain to see that's what she's going for. What else are you looking for??

ninsigma2059d ago

Well there are cosplay ears out there (at least 1 anyway) who do include the triangle boobs if you're looking for THAT level of authenticity xD


There ya go :p

Critic4l_Strik32059d ago

Short shorts, blue tank top, strap gun holsters, gloves...that's an instant Lara Croft resemblance right there

ninsigma2059d ago

Yes and if this were a casting call for a movie then I'd agree but it's cosplay, which is open for anyone to cosplay any character they like, skin color be damned.

bouzebbal2059d ago

Wouldn't say it's her with some other clothing

Skull5212058d ago

Yeah well I could do a spot on Obama cosplay and you just look at me like I was just a white guy in a suit. No one would be praising me for nailing it.

2058d ago
mikeslemonade2058d ago

Lara is white, not black. So it's not nailed. You wouldn't say a white woman trying to cosplay as Michelle Obama as nailing it. Double standards these days.

ninsigma2058d ago

If you were to dress up as the Obamas you would just look like people wearing clothes. There's nothing distinguishing about the clothes they wear that would tell people that's who you were trying to be. But if you were get the same haircut and do a killer impersonation then yes you would have nailed it. Like, a black man dressing up as Obama would just look like a black man in a suit. There's nothing to say they're specifically trying to be Obama. So the skin color is irrelevant.

This cosplayer has put together an out fit that is fairly recognisable as being lara croft. It's plain to see who this girl is trying to be so the differing skin color to the original makes no difference. Seriously guys, we're talking about someone who's dressing up to celebrate a character they like, making a big deal out of having different skin color is a bit ridiculous. Cosplay is for everyone to be dress up as whoever they want.

mikeslemonade2053d ago

Yea there is apart from clothes for Obama. For Michelle obama you wear like red dress shoe hells, a purple medium dress, add hip enhancer, and wear a more thick or fro style hair wig.

Skin color has something to do with it.

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16bitNutritionist2059d ago ShowReplies(12)
Zeref2059d ago

that literally makes the outfit. IT IS THE LITERALL DEFINITION of an outfit.

I agree she doesn't LOOK like lara as in her appearance but who has triangle boobs? she definitely nailed the outfit. It kind of even looks like it's that classic simple colored 3D look.

MasterCornholio2058d ago

And who has a face made out of polygons?

medman2058d ago

Huh...certain folks don't seem to be bothered that the image of Jesus in the western world is a white washed version of a man who the vast preponderance of biblical historians say looked a lot more like Nelson Mandela or Osama Bin Laden in complexion than Jim Caviezel. Typical.

milohighclub2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

Y'all a bit fucking racist ain't ya!? 😲

Heads up guys.. she's a fictional character, Santa ain't real, your dads the tooth fairy, Jesus was black and your mum regrets having you.

Also to you guys saying lara is white, she was the daughter of a British aristocrat, they used to have relations with black slaves and also used to own and rape them. saying she must be white because she's the daughter of a British aristocrat holds no merit...

It's like a whole period of history has been lost to you.
There's nothing in the more that says she must be white.

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-Foxtrot2060d ago

Outfit sure but overall looks...no

It’s like if you had a white guy dressing up as Blade, he’d look just like a white guy in a trench coat with shades.

For fun cosplay is cosplay. Doesn’t matter who you are or what race but when someone tries to make out how true or accurate someone is, hell even if it was a cosplay competition then it’s different.

Godmars2902060d ago

Wouldn't make him any less of a Blade fan though.

The issue, or non issue, at hand is if its between someone who put in any amount of effort into dressing like a character while someone else just says or hold up a sign saying they're the character, will the race of the person be a factor.