Top 5 Best Free MMORPGs You Can Play Right Now

MMORPGs are still hugely popular, despite the MMORPG genre being dominated by a few big titles. Here are some free MMORPGs that really deserve your attention, with a few being more alive than ever as freeware.

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RealOldGamer1024d ago

GuildWars 2
The Old Republic
Blade & Soul
EVE Online

Just FYI, EVE Online and The Old Republic do a crap job with F2P. Not sure about the other games, but I ended up subbing to both of the above after seeing the crappy F2P demo.

Not sure why Neverwinter or Lord Of The Rings Online did not make this list, as both give a lot more away than Eve and ToR.

C4rnos1024d ago

Absolutely right on that- while ToR does do a bad job of F2P it does a very good one of sub play; it's the only MMO i can think of that really doubles down on story.