Here's How Many Times GTA V Has Ranked in NPD's Top 10 Since its Launch

GTA V is one of the best selling video games of all time and the monthly NPD top 10 reports show it. We take a look at GTA V's NPD rankings every month since release to show how long Rockstar's success has lasted.

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CarlDechance109d ago

Congrats, twinfinite, on not putting each year on a separate page. I knew you could do it!

blm504109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

One of the best games ever made wish it get a Update to 4k on Da X

Kabaneri109d ago

Yeah, they split a lot of the playerbase by not offering a Pro/X resolution bump. I dont want to play in 1080p were not in 2012.

GHOSTxx420109d ago

I agree cause this game looks terrible on my 4k tv. They need a res bump but honestly i wouldnt care this game is way to old and to many other games to play