‘It Is A Bit Sad, But Not Unexpected’ – Developer On Sony Winding Up PS Vita Production

To be fair, Sony's handheld system's looming demise is not the most surprising thing in the world.

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rockwhynot14d ago

The system was too good to be true. Killzone and Gravity Rush *drool* I am unworthy.

Frinker14d ago

*SNAP* another one for the cringe collection

rockwhynot13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Haha well the switch is better than the vita now anyway.

1nsomniac14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

It was a great idea & I really did like mine. I just felt the controls let it down. The rear touchpad was a touch of genius. All the front buttons just felt a bit meh most importantly the thumb stick was just utter crap - I suppose that’s not the consoles fault just a side effect have having such a small/thin device. I just wish it had just a little bit of extra power too.

When I got bored of it I got the tools to hack it so I could try messing with it but just never got around to it. It’s all still sitting on my film cabinet now that it’s officially dead might get around to it.

Neonridr14d ago

not having the same trigger system really hurt the system. I primarily use mine for Remote Play and it sucks having to use the front touch screen as replacements for the second triggers.

NapalmSanctuary14d ago

There was vita hand grip that had triggers on it. Worked really well too.

Neonridr14d ago

@NapalmSanctuary - yeah, but that was an optional attachment that came from a 3rd party. It should have been in the design to begin with. I have a grip, although it still only has the single triggers.

rainslacker14d ago

The only problem I had with the controls is that the placement of the analog stick caused my carpel tunnel to flare up. I brought some extenders and it helped a lot. The d-pad could cause blisters because it was a bit stiff and had hard peaks which rubbed into your skin, but I didn't play many games that used it that often.

The rear touch pad was mostly unused in game, and its functionality is spotty in remote play.

NapalmSanctuary14d ago

Port all that shit over to ps4.

rainslacker14d ago

The PSTV with a dual shock is a great little system. Pretty cheap to buy too.

Lexreborn214d ago

8 years a good run with plenty of controversy

ZXCPCA50014d ago

December 2011 it was released so not quite 7 years.

Lexreborn214d ago

If they are officially discontinuing it in 2019 and it released in 2011 that’s 8 years. Either way it’s a good run for something people claimed was dead a year after it’s release.

EazyC14d ago

Er... Wouldn't call it a good run.

ZXCPCA50014d ago

As soon as Sony started reporting Vita sales with PSP sales back in 2012 you knew it was going nowhere. Shame, I loved the PSP but was so hoping the Vita would have supported micro SD even if only for mp3 and mkv, etc.

awdevoftw14d ago

Love this console. Still a few more games to get before I officially wrap up my collection. I will be playing it for years to come.

Fist4achin14d ago

Hell yeah. I'm supporting a decent backlog myself. Limited run games has helped contribute over the last couple of years.

Game on!

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The story is too old to be commented.