PS5, Next Xbox Increased Processing Power Won’t Make Our Lives Any Easier, Says Dev

Close to the Sun artistic director talks about bigger games and the more resources they demand.

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sammarshall102291d ago

Here's hoping more shortcuts and more efficient pipelines are created for developers in the future so we get better games and get them quicker

Eonjay291d ago

As ever you will find that skilled development will trump raw power every time. We have all experienced the case where we enjoyed an older game on weaker hardware t ol it's own sequel on a newer platform.

ChickeyCantor290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

No matter how efficient pipelines gets, When horsepower goes up, quality goes up, production goes up.
These triple A devs are pushed into crunch time cause you want them quicker and bigger too.

tontontam0290d ago

skilled development on a more powerful console will trump the quality of skilled development on an inferior console.

ChickeyCantor289d ago

wtf are you even saying tonton?

It's not a matter of skill but scope. You can increase horsepower, but with that horsepower comes an image and "responsibility".

joab777290d ago

They will be. I don’t understand this article. This is how it has been forever.

One thing that isn’t mentioned is that now, more than ever, there are so many opportunities for smaller devs to get their games out there, whether it be Steam, IOS, Switch and consoles...

And for those big studios like Rockstar, Bethesda and CDPR, we will get games like 2077 and Starfield.

DarkVoyager291d ago

“PS5, Next Xbox Increased Processing Power Won’t Make Our Lives Any Easier, Says Dev”

Maybe not but at least the games you work hard to make will look better than ever.

OMGitzThatGuy291d ago

That's the problem. More power = better graphics = higher standards. Lazy ass devs know they aren't going to be able to put out the same shit every year but any real artist will welcome more power as it allows them to further express their artistic desires.

Cueil291d ago

I think higher frames is the main goal for next systems

OMGitzThatGuy291d ago

No such thing as a main goal. Doesn't matter how much CPU and GPU they can cram into consoles, there is always going to be the devs who push the hardware as much as possible and will end up with 30fps. Unless a mandate is made for all consoles to have at least 2 modes, graphics or performance, that will never happen. Microsoft's and Nintendo's first party studios are already making 60fps more standard in their games, we just need Sony to join the party.

Imortus_san291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

The real problem is "More power = better graphics = better sound = more imersive worlds = more development time = the price of making games goes higher", there are fewer and fewer campanies making AAA or AA games, that's why indies are on the rise.

AizenSosuke291d ago

More efficient engines are an answer as well.

psuedo291d ago

They should call it neXtBox. That will secure their future. Also every game doesn't have to be photo realistic. Instead of spending resources on graphics just make a good game?

Foxhound922290d ago

How would that secure their future? Lol

madjedi290d ago

No game is trying to photo realistic, however you want decent looking graphics regardless of art style, unless you intentional are going retro. You can't just flip a switch from gameplay to graphics at a whim, when many times the gameplay is dependent on the graphics. Define a good game first, because that is a very subjective term whose definition varies from person to person.

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The story is too old to be commented.