Crappy Game Reviews People Apparently Want

Let’s get this out of the way: there’s no single “right” way to review a video game, and people don’t have to all agree on everything in reviews.

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AK91107d ago

Looks like someones triggered, also if you are a critic yet you can't take criticism you have no right to be involved in this or any other industry.

TimelessDbz107d ago

That's what people want . If they don't like what is seem then in previews they assume it should be a low score..... if its not a low score then they think you're being paid or just bias .

bigmalky107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

Wrong. The story should be a talking point in a review, outlining the plot for a potential buyer, but the writer's political standing should be left out of the piece, as the writer may have clear biases that affect the score in the end.

If, however, a reviewer would like to paint a picture of their political standpoint on a game, a separate opinion piece is fine.

A game should be scored on it's gameplay, graphics, story, sound and replayability. No extra or less points for a game not meeting your sociopolitical needs. If a story is done well, it is done well, no need to delve into your thoughts on why the game should have more diversity, why you believe the main character should be something other than the development team behind their creation decided, or why you feel there is not enough of a political message for your tastes.

We want to know, is it a good game, is it playable, will we have fun? That's it. It's up to each individual to take from a game the message that it delivers, because we are all individuals with individual thought.

I, as a gamer and ex-reviewer, shut the page down as soon as a review starts preaching what they think the game should have been, or the reviewer mounts his or her high horse on their personal biases. I don't visit that site for reviews anymore, and instead, find something that sticks to facts, and the game that has been painstakingly made for their audience is reviewed fairly, while armchair dev journalists pull their games apart because they are too lazy to make the game they want themselves.

It's a very selfish stance to take.

tiredanddone107d ago

A review and an opinion are not the same. Sure, you can technically write a "review" however you want. Does not make it a good review. Like, I score anime 100% on my own enjoyment factor, even though some deserve much lower scores if I was doing an objective review for a general audience.

So yeah, if you write for yourself or a very specific fanbase, feel free to get your bias on. Otherwise, learn to write reviews properly.

chris235107d ago

last time i checked there was a right way to review stuff: leaving all the personal bias aside and judge what is there based on industry standards so that the reader got an actual idea about the product and not just a fanboys wet dream like in most cases these days.

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