Sony Changed Two Major PS4 Features and Proved That Microsoft is Making Smart Moves with Xbox One

Microsoft's Xbox One has gotten much better over the past five years, and it's forcing Sony to make some major changes to the PlayStation 4.

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Nyxus1819d ago

"Cross-play, the most important change to the game industry since polygonal graphics"


NecrumOddBoy1819d ago

I didn't know that it was since cross play has existed well before Microsoft's tactic of making it a relevant reason to buy the floundering Xbone over a much more successful PS4.

Eonjay1817d ago

Sony has always at every point this gen HAD more cross play titles than the other consoles combined. This just sounds like more moneyhatted brainwashing.

Aeery1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

"Cross-play, the most important change to the game industry since polygonal graphics"

This sentence is almost disturbing !

Obscure_Observer1817d ago


Crossplay exists by some time. But Microsoft will aways be remembered as the company which pushed crossplay between CONSOLES foward!

sinspirit1817d ago


Yes, in retaliation to poor sales and for their desperate attempts to try and look pro-consumer while taking every chance to make Sony seem like the bad guy since all MS does is post misleading numbers whenever possible to make it look successful, and their new controller designs every month.

It will also be them remembered as hypocrites for denying cross-play between consoles on PS3 and PS4, which Sony wanted, and them only now pushing it since their sales are dwindling. If they hadn't disagreed in the past then Sony wouldn't have declined them for so long. We already know that they've been transitioning the XBox into more of a SteamOS-type environment. While they won't use SteamOS, with crossplay, XBox players will still pay for Live to play against PC gamers that play for free.

UltraNova1817d ago

Obscure, to new gamers a big fat maybe...yo gamers who have been around for decades they'll always be remembered as the company that abandons their platform 2 years before next gen, the company that tries to kill used games and the company that forced paid online on consoles.

PapaBop1817d ago


No Microsoft will always be remembered as the company that wanted gamers to check in every 24 hours in order to have a functioning games console.

CarlDechance1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )


"But Microsoft will aways be remembered as the company which pushed crossplay between CONSOLES foward! "

Wow....such a fanboy viewpoint. But you are the last person who should be talking about what company "pushed crossplay". Just the other day you were yapping at me about how Epic had said "nothing" about cross play. I posted three quotes from Epic CEO Tim Sweeney. You are simply ill-informed and really have no idea what you are talking about. You are just a MS cheerleader.

IcedOmega131817d ago

right?... I remember playing my dreamcast copy of 4x4 evolution against people on PC...

fr0sty1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Sony was the first to bring cross play to consoles back in the PS3 days with Portal... they just didn't let Xbox gamers play in their ecosystem until now. Microsoft raised a big stink, developers jumped on board, Sony relented, and now Microsoft are the innovators?

darthv721817d ago

Crossplay existed long before Sony or MS did anything related. Hell I can still play Quake 3 on my DC against a PC in my home.

As far as platform vs platform play... I have wanted that since back when there was the xband modem on the Genesis and the SNES. It may have taken a lot longer than it should but I welcome that evolutionary step in online gaming communications.

Babadook71817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Bitching and complaining about your competition is a smart move. Ok then.

I give Sony all the credit here. They asked for cross play first. It was they who were the bigger man and caved when it benefited their competitors. Microsoft wouldn’t do it during the 360 days.

darthv721817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

@dook... that's not exactly true. Sony was indifferent last gen on the subject. I believe they said it was up to the individual game publishers/developers if they wanted to pursue that. Then MS said no and somehow it came back to being a Sony issue when Sony was neither onboard nor against the idea.

This gen, however, it was MS that has said they want to do it so it's the first time a platform holder has been onboard with doing such a thing. So with MS offering up their support and devs/pubs also saying they want to do it... it then became on Sony to accept the olive branch.

1817d ago
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P_Bomb1819d ago

EZ Ben. I’ve been cross platform on DCUO for years but you never noticed because.....?

I don’t get the bleeding goodwill comment. They do two things people have been asking for only to find themselves “bleeding goodwill?” Damned if you do damned if you don’t.

sampsonon1817d ago

Sony just signed the death warrant for PS.

KickSpinFilter1817d ago

Sony gonna come out with the PS5 in 2020 with good price point, TLOU2 at launch, with Backwards compatibility with PS4 games. Plus these two things. Na... more like Sony just signed the death warrant for the next XB

sampsonon1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

@KickSpinFilter: sorry to burst your bubble but TLoU2 is rumored to be released next year. tired of trying to explain the ramifications of this move.

you own a restaurant and you sell great burgers. You sell 500 burgers each day and the place is the most popular in town. what would happen if you allowed people to bring burgers from your competitor into your restaurant? if you don't allow them to to bring food in they will be forced to buy your burgers. but once people can buy a burger and bring it in you lose revenue, and when that happens you will either have to raise prices a bit or let go of some employees.

sony is allowing a competitor to bring their burgers into their restaurant.

how many people bought a ps4 because they wanted to play with their friends that own a ps4? 80 million sold so it would be a lot of consoles.

think this will be my last comment on this subject.
If people are so blind i give up

pyroxxx1817d ago

Xbox has no reason to exist,...

2pacalypsenow1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Nah PS will be fine.

sinspirit1817d ago

So, why would it be the most popular console that would suffer the most from this?

Also, burgers aren't constant existences able to be accessed continuously. Bad metaphor.

MS is transitioning back to the PC game. It's been obvious for years now. The way they want to control updates is to create more Windows Marketplace traffic.

Crossplatform was to ensure they had relations to keep enough players online for their Live customers, aka future Windows Marketplace users. When they launched Windows Live it couldn't keep players at all even after removing the fee.

AmUnRa1817d ago

You are just delusional and have non argument that Sony signed the "dead warrant".
For PS. Please give me your argument, if you cant that will be saying enough.🙄

SarsOxley1817d ago

Haha! Sony makes rice cookers, TVs, consoles, select titles and a bunch of other stuff but, not burgers :).
If they did make burgers though, they would be exclusive burgers and I wouldn't be able to get that exact tasty burger experience from anywhere a 99 cent coke that every burger joint sells and is made by someone else that they make a paltry amount for every time they sell...wouldn't hurt to let someone drink their Activision coke in the swanky Sony dining room while talking to someone on the phone in Microsofts hipster hot dog stand also drinking an Activision coke because they are there to have easy access to that one of a kind Spider Burger and that's what keeps bringing them back.

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Nodoze1817d ago

LOL, yeah ok. Have used it a grand total of.....NEVER. Fortnite is garbage and it's time will pass soon enough (not soon enough for some). I am happy some are enjoying it, and that it is working to attract more people to gaming but that is about it.

Cross play was not something I was, or am interested in.

Zeref1816d ago

You dont have friends that own different consoles?

rainslacker1817d ago

I'd say online play is probably the most important change to the game industry. After that, the uptake of mobile and self-publishing.

Cross play has been around long enough that its not really an important change anymore. It didn't matter much when it first happened, or when it was pushed more, and it really doesn't matter that much now. It's not going to fundamentally change the industry in any way, nor will it really have much effect on the end user to a huge degree.

Obscure_Observer1817d ago


"It's not going to fundamentally change the industry in any way, nor will it really have much effect on the end user to a huge degree."

Only your head, otherwise Sony would do what you were saying/expecting, which was, crossplay for next gen Playstation. The notion that you have about crossplay as not important is not what Sony thinks. Fact.

rainslacker1817d ago

You know what Sony is thinking?

And what's this new thing with everyone putting fact at the end of their comment as if that somehow solidifies their statement as some kind of fact?

I never once thought or said I expect Sony to do it next gen. I always maintained that there was something holding it up, probably on the back end, and if the powers that be could work something out, and were trying to work something out, then it would happen, if not, then it wouldn't happen.

We've certainly had the conversation enough times that you couldn't have possibly forgotten that. Or did you really not listen to anything I've said for the last two years?

Anyhow, cross play isn't really that important. The industry was fine without it. It didn't change much once we had it, and its unlikely to change much going forward. It's a good end user feature, and those devs that want to use it for the consumers benefit, or for their own, can now do so. But if they couldn't the industry would still go on. The industry is growing, and has despite the lack of cross console play.

Explain to me exactly what will change so drastically for the industry that it makes it an important change. Explain what would be hindered in the grand scheme of things if everything stayed the way it was.

neutralgamer19921817d ago

I know Xbox one isn't doing the most important thing right and that's AAA exclusives

Rest of features are just that extra features

Hardiman1817d ago

If it were me those are the articles I'd be pushing! Where are the new exciting IP's and how come some are able to pull this off yet the most powerful stumble!

JackBNimble1817d ago

I'm willing to bet that most AAA multiplat games in the future still will not use this as a feature.