What If Gaming: Saints Row II Review: The Different Guy On The Bloc

What If Gaming writes: "Sure you have GTA IV. You can explore an endless NY cityscape, online in free roam, do a lot of missions with but there are many palliative factors that come with a game like GTA IV: a more serious tone, stealthy missions, and annoying tailgates. The in-between? Saints Row 2. Saints Row 2 literally does what it sets out to and brings freedom to an open world game, even if it doesn't look mind numbing like a GTA IV game but pretty close. Years after the original, you find yourself in a Stilwater tackled with bringing the Saints back as the true kings of Stilwater, ready for retribution and redemption. Players can play who they want, but not just that. They can play with whomever they want in this sequel through on-line co-op or just free-roam the big city and take a break from some other modes. Saints Row 2 does many things that GTA IV just refuses to let players do and is more focused on smaller city settings than bigger cities with thousands of closed doors and dead ends. There's no break here. Saints Row 2 is showing no bounds while it jumps out of a plane and parachute into shelves."

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