Fallout 76’ Crossplay Release unknown

Pete Hines:

Folks, chill. I work with a lot of devs and games for whom this is important going forward. Fallout 76 does not support crossplay, for a number of reasons. I have no idea if it ever will.

darthv722092d ago

i thought they were doing console/PC crossplay...?

Liqu1d2092d ago

No. Sony wouldn't have a problem with that so they wouldn't have complained in the first place. The lied for their pals over Xbox.

UltraNova2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

So much hypocrisy...whats Bethesda's and Todd's , in particular, beef with Sony anyway?

Eonjay2091d ago

Todd is friends with Phil and as such will always put that friendship before the gamers who actually support his company. Always. You may say someone who doesn't put his consumers first should be running a company, but he believes that he can get those consumers to buy his friends system because his company is very popular. Instead of companies being influenced by consumers he wants the company to be the one doing the influencing.

Nitrowolf22091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

This is just laughable

All talk, And when given the chance to shift the blame to someone else they do. Now all of a sudden Sony supports it and it’s as if they never had plans for it.

First they say Sony was a reason And essentially made it out as if they were the major reason now it’s all these Other reasons

The sad truth is it was probably never planned to begin with, I just saw the opportunity and went with it. Bethesda has always played favorites

This company needs to shut his mouth because anytime they open it they always look idiotic because it always comes back

PapaBop2091d ago

Yep, one of the most outspoken developers over crossplay and now that Sony is offering it, they're beating a hasty retreat and won't even try and implement it? Just proving the "fanboys" right that it was nothing more than a pathetic PR stunt.

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NewMonday2091d ago

Sony called their bluff, crossplay between several platforms costs much extra money for developers with actual less return (because no re-purchase of digital items).

Ceaser98573612091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

So Mr Howard calls out Sony for not letting cross-play happen, then Sony decides to start letting it happen, and Bethesda's now basically going "Shit, we didn't think they'd actually do it!"? I mean, not doing it at launch makes sense but...you'd think they'd be a bit more gracious about it all now. Poor Todd, Jokes on you now.

and the tweet says it all... LOL! Someone is lying for sure.


Vizigoth042091d ago

Their games sell better on PS4 and it's owned by Sony. Maybe that's it? Maybe they want a safe comfortable home with Microsoft but can't resist the cash Sony gives them? Maybe it's individual people who have been wronged by one person or another within the gaming industry. But then why go out of their way to implement Skyrim on PSVR as well as Doom VFR. That much is very confusing.

UltraNova2091d ago

And lets not forget that no one could stop them from adding Cross-play for xbox and PC...they didn't because they never intended to add cross play of any kind! Yet they happily participated in MS's smear campaign and got away with it.

You gotta love the hypocrisy and hate towards Sony.

JackBNimble2091d ago

It is things like this that make you realize that cross play never really mattered, it was just an excuse to jump on the hate train and try to make Sony look as bad as possible.

bluefox7552091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

They've always had some weird issue with Sony, never really understood it. Kinda exposes them for their hypocrisy at least.

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Outside_ofthe_Box2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

So in the words of a certain someone. . . Sony called their bluff??? xD

Those who shall not be named are noticeably absent in this article, I wonder why? 🤔


It goes both ways. . . Why aren't you and others that were clamoring for crossplay so docile about Bethesda backpedaling now? Shouldn't you be just as upset as you were when they pointed the finger at Sony?

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Realms2091d ago

Who cares Bethesda got smoked by CD Project Red they showed them how to do a proper open world third person game. The only good games Bethesda does these days are shooters and those are a dime a dozen. Bethesda does seem to have a bias towards MS I honestly don't care Sony has way more developers support there is a reason why so many Japanese games never see the day of light on the xbox.

Outside_ofthe_Box2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )


"Please point to the comments where I was outraged? Please link the comments where I pointed the finger at Sony? "

I'll do so as soon as you link the comments of each and every individual here that said they didn't care before and are 'outraged' here. If you gonna generalize, I'll do so too thank you very much.

"First of all, this is stupid because Bethesda said they were looking into crossplay for '76 not that they would do it"


Then why point the finger in the first place if they didn't even have concrete plans to implement it?
And even then that didn't stop people from blaming Sony as if Bethesda fully planned on doing it and that Sony were the ones blocking it from happening. Don't recall you calling those that did this 'stupid' at the time and that Bethesda were only looking into it.

"But as usual, you and others can't wait to blame everyone else for something you all kept telling everyone you didn't care about"

Just as usual you guys are quick to retract your outrage for something you did care about as soon Sony is no longer the center of blame? We can do this all day.

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Cohagen4202091d ago

You nailed it, and they didn't expect PlayStation to implement console Crossplay so quickly. I hope this screws over Fallout 76 sales in some way, it definitely deserves it after all of this nonsense.

Nyxus2091d ago

@ Duke_Mason_MD:

"It's okay, nobody cares about crossplay so why are you guys so upset that this game won't have it?"

People aren't upset about the game not supporting cross-play, that's not the point here. People are upset because of Bethesda's ridiculous behavior. Not long ago they were fully blaming Sony for the game not having cross-play, and now that Sony is allowing it they are backpedalling like crazy. That's why people are annoyed.

Outside_ofthe_Box2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )


"Please point to the comments where I was outraged? Please link the comments where I pointed the finger at Sony?"

Just reread my initial comment, meant to say 'you guys' in order to reciprocate the generalization.

"Bethesda never stated they would implement crossplay for '76, they were only concerned with Elder Scrolls:Legends, is this so hard to understand or grasp or should we just start calling Bethesda hypocrites and blaming MS and pretending users have fake outrage"

They said they were looking into crossplay with 76 and blamed Sony. There was no point in doing that if they never planned on actually doing it in the first place which aided in the anti-consumer brigade at the time. People are simply calling that out as they should.

Can't blame Sony for blocking crossplay for 76 (which people did) at the time and then come here now and say 'erm They never said they were actually going to do it' otherwise why be upset and blame Sony at that time when there were no intentions for actual implementation of crossplay in the first place?

Point is, most if not everyone believed Sony were preventing 76 from having crossplay at least between console's at the time, based off of Bethesda words. Nobody was calming that 76's crossplay implementation was independent of Sony's stance on the issue, no one. Had Sony not changed their policy and Bethesda came out today to reconfirm that there was no crossplay. people would be blaming Sony for it even though Bethesda never claimed that they would actually implement it. So no, that card doesn't get to be used.

Obscure_Observer2091d ago


"So much hypocrisy...whats Bethesda's and Todd's , in particular, beef with Sony anyway?"

I agree. They threatened Sony over Crossplay and now that Sony is willing to try it, they say that they don´t even have plans for their next MAINSTREAM game to have Crossplay? WTF?

It´s time to give Bethesda AND Microsoft some pressure! Bethesda regarding Crossplay on Fallout 76 and Microsoft regarding Gold Paywall on Free to Play games!

rainslacker2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

For those saying that he's being hypocritical, it's worth mentioning that at least at launch of the game, the cross play stuff probably won't be ready for other devs or publishers to submit their code for compliance testing, as the policies aren't available for actual release by the devs yet.

Of course, saying "maybe never" was unnecessary. It's either they had no intention of implementing and were blowing smoke, or they just aren't sure when or if it'll ever be made available to others. Given who's making the statement, it's really hard to determine what he may intend either way.

Anyhow, that all being said, I think people are overestimating just how many games will offer cross play going forward. Its not going to be ubiquitous any time soon, if ever. Some publishers don't really see the need for it, or see it as a hindrance to sales, or requiring more technical support than what is done now. There are some devs who want it, but most really don't care, and the publishers care even less in the grand scheme of things.

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DarkVoyager2091d ago

As a PlayStation fan I’ll just vote with my wallet. I’ll not be purchasing Fallout 76 after they lied for Microsoft!

VenomUK2091d ago

So after all that criticism from Bethesda about Sony not offering cross-play, it's now Bethesda who won't be offering it with their game! It just goes to show that they were just low-balling to raise their perception that they are on the side of gamers (and Microsoft) yet they won't be offering cross play with their new game this year, or the early part of 2019 at least. They were caught out.

Outside_ofthe_Box2091d ago

"It just goes to show that they were just low-balling to raise their perception that they are on the side of gamers (and Microsoft) yet they won't be offering cross play with their new game this year, or the early part of 2019 at least. They were caught out"

Funny how anyone who would make this claim prior to today would be called making up conspiracy theories and whatnot

Hardiman2091d ago

I wasn't buying it anyway but I'm with ya hoping PS fans send them a message with their collective wallets!

Realms2091d ago

Bethesda is eating crow they look like hypocrites they had no intention of adding cross play but had no beef calling out Sony on their stance so they should get criticized for taking sides specially since it was never in their plans.

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badz1492091d ago

And Xboners and the media were up in arms bringing pitchforks and torches claiming Sony is evil! See whose the big fat phony now? They flipped over when people accused Bugthesda as doing the bidding for MS over crossplay. We were right all along

Abnor_Mal2091d ago

Love the family guy reference lol

DarkVoyager2091d ago

“Bethesda won't offer crossplay for 'Fallout 76' anytime soon“

They just lied about crossplay to make Phil Spencer and Xbox look good while making Sony look like the bad guys.

I hope PlayStation fans boycott Bethesda!