Bethesda says situation could be "fairly dire" if Sony disallows Elder Scrolls Legends cross-play

Bethesda could be heading towards a standoff with Sony over cross-platform play. Not over Fallout 76, which does, as a multi-platform online multiplayer game.

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MrJay126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

It's not though. Bethesda always had a good relationship with Microsoft. I'm not surprised they're making a big deal out of this with Sony.

annoyedgamer126d ago

So what you are saying is this is a massive conspiracy by Microsoft so make Sony look bad?

OB1Biker126d ago

'. The aim of this dispatch is to provide material countering and discrediting the claims of the conspiracy theorists, so as to inhibit the circulation of such claims in other countries. Background information is supplied in a classified section and in a number of unclassified attachments.'

AngelicIceDiamond126d ago

@annoyed Hes not saying that all its no secret Bethesda has always been in Ms corner since OG Xbox. Bethesda trying to stir the pot once again because MS allows crossplay and Bethesda is continuing to run with that narrative that Sony doesn't and its "urgent" that they do..

I mean they only have 2 online games ESO which nobody's played for for like 3 or 4 years now and the upcoming F76.

naruga125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Bethesda games are mostly sht ....Sony doesnt lose anything if Bethesda goes for a stand the contrary Besthesda are the ones who re losing all the Playstation fans....if lame Bethda dares let them come ..i support Sony s unmovable stance in this ridiculous crossplay trend

Why o why125d ago

Thank you angelicice. That was a diamond comment. Not saying it's some wild conspiracy just that there is some back story to this. Thanks for stating this instead of piling on with the bs.

StormSnooper125d ago

Yes it is a pr campaign by Microsoft, is that not clear.

bluefox755125d ago

Made me think of the Channel 4 Jordan Peterson interview. I'm going to be charitable and assume you were being sarcastic, lol.

roadkillers125d ago

Lol, that' kind of the direction i took with his post.

TheCommentator125d ago

It's amazing to watch people go from, "I don't care about crossplay with other consoles" to, "Bethesda is in bed with MS" and "Bethesda games suck" just so they can keep their beloved piece of plastic from appearing less than perfect. News flash... it's not just Bethesda, but companies like Epic (as well as others) who are going to become increasingly frustrated with Sony's lack of maturity on the subject. Truthfully, Sony is screwing Sony fans out of games by taking this stance on crossplay, which will still be published on other consoles instead, but you guys are still talking nonsense? LOL!!!

I thought we all agreed that MS needed more games in order to compete with Sony, yet having less games on Sony platforms doesn't matter if it has anything to do with Sony screwing up crossplay? Way to be hypocritical!

Skull521125d ago

Hopefully Sony is heavily in first party, it’s not gonna be pretty when they are left out of multi platform multiplayer games because of anti consumer practices.

Babadook7125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

"So what you are saying is this is a massive conspiracy by Microsoft so make Sony look bad?"

Have you not read Microsofts comments on it? Seen their attack ads? Its a fact, not a controversy that MS is using this to paint Sony in the worst light.

generic-user-name125d ago

Beth are in bed with MS every chance they get. Morrowind Xbox exclusive. Trash Skyrim port on PS3. Making Sony gamers wait for months upon months (over a year maybe if I remember right), for DLCs for Fallout 3/Skyrim. Fallout 76 BETA first on Xbox. Always on MS's stage at E3. Try to make Sony look bad over mods and now trying to make Sony look bad over cross play. They probably resented having to release Skyrim VR on PSVR first after Phil went back on his word over supporting VR on Scorpio.

And here they are, making threats to Sony over this niche card game that won't sell on consoles anyway, they can't afford to miss out on all that $$$ by doing the same with Fallout 76.

Vegamyster125d ago


They said in the article they want accounts that can connect to all platforms which includes the Switch, PC, Iphone and Android devices and that they're talking with everybody, not just Sony because they want everyone on board. It's not really a matter of singling them out or MS clearly asking Bethesda to do this, given the Fortnite controversy and the kind of game that this is, it seems like a fairly typical stance to protect themselves.

ajax17125d ago

That's honestly what I'm starting to believe. There are so many damn articles lately talking about how Sony are being such assholes over this non-issue of crossplay.

TheCommentator125d ago

@ Ajax17

Your problem is that it's not a "non-issue" and that's why it's an ongoing discussion. You're not starting to believe... you're starting to make believe!

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AspiringProGenji125d ago

To me they seem to be just trying to distract everyone from their recent fk ups and drive the attention to Sony. How come they are making s big deal over s mobile card game but not Multiplat games?

GTFO Bethesda! You are smart enough not to abandon the biggest market this gen

Apocalypse Shadow125d ago

Or, that the other article showed that cross play wasn't a crisis on playstation and the uproar was created to get Sony to react. The hype league are upset that Sony's sales weren't effected by the hype. All Sony responded with was "we'll think about it."

So this article shows up in my opinion to start the merry-go-round again for a feature that's nice as we all have said, but not a big deal.

fiveby9125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Why would it be dire for Bethesda without cross plat play between PS and X1? Other MP games don't have cross plat play and they are all doing fine. I don't care whether there is or is not cross plat play between the two systems. When Bethesda started making FO76 & ESL some years ago they knew full well at that time there was no cross platform play. Suddenly it's integral to their game design? I doubt it. Bethesda should be careful here. As it stands now, FO76 is not being warmly received but rather looked at with skepticism.

gamer7804125d ago

not sure why people put innovation behind favoritism in console wars. Crossplay like any other good features is a good thing. Most developers are pushing it, there is no reason games should be against it in any way.

SierraGuy125d ago

Because they know better.

Bethesda stop poking the bear.

Your games aren't necessary for PlayStation to be successful.

On the other hand PlayStation is necessary for your games to be successful.

ImGumbyDammit125d ago

"Your games aren't necessary for PlayStation to be successful. "

If games by Bethseda weren't on the PS4 I can tell you the PS4 would never have been as successful. People would have looked around wehn buying a console and saw the PS4 was missing out on Doom, Fallout, Rage 2, Wolfenstein, etc.. If they were only available on other devices (PC, Xbox, Switch) I be a lot more of those other devices would have been sold and a lot less PS4s. Consoles and third-party devlopers have a symbiotic relationsthip. Neither does well without the other.

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kevnb125d ago

They seem to back whatever pr Microsoft wants them to.

BlackTar187125d ago

They've treated ps bad over ms for 10+yrs. They now threaten Sony over ms current look at us PR move. Hmmmmmm seems pretty clear.

kevnb125d ago

They even bashed pc when Microsoft wanted people to do so, even though they have huge sales on pc compared to Xbox.

Critic4l_Strik3125d ago

on a different note. We have the same profile picture.

gamer7804125d ago

OR because the majority of developers with multiplayer games believe that crossplay is also a big deal.

BlackTar187125d ago

They should get into the business of hardware then.

rainslacker125d ago

The majority? Is that why so few games have had cross play between ps and pc for well over a decade now?

Z501124d ago

I don't think you know the definition of majority.

gamer7804124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

the he majority of developers who have spoken on the matter I mean. More who have commented on it said it would be a good thing.

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alb1899125d ago

Incredible how creative you get to justify every Sony mistake.

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SegaGamer126d ago

Critical? Get a grip. Most people don't even care. You ask the average casual gamer about cross play and the majority of them won't even know what you are talking about.

My stance on this hasn't changed. I would like to have cross play, but it's not something I am all that concerned about. If it happens, it happens and if doesn't, then I'm really not all that fussed.

So much crap coming out of Bathesda in the last week.

Mr_Wilson125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Those casual players that don't understand or care are the reason this matters for this casual game. Bethesda don't want someone to fire up the game on their iPhone and have to deal with complications.

"Do you want your matchmaking and account progression be limited to the Playstation matchmaking pool, or the Xbox/Nintendo pool?*
*Warning: If you choose the wrong option you may not be able to play with your friends. This decision cannot be changed later"

TheGamingArt125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Right, because every game with a SSO worked like this before Fortnite (rolls eyes). You people need to realize the Fortnite developers messed up and SSOs on non cross platform games have been around and working just fine for a very long time. The problem that kicked this off consists of the Fortnite developers not handling what they would call an “edge case” well. Blame them and stop taking their blame game bait like a sucker.

Mr_Wilson125d ago

This isn't like Fortnite. This is a turn-based game, that you can play a bit on your PC or console while you're at home or at work, and continue the session on your phone when you're out and about. Unlike Fortnite (and Fallout 76 etc), the multi-platform element fundamentally changes the ways you can play it.

"You people" need to put your console warrior nonsense to one side, and embrace common sense.

showtimefolks125d ago

Ps4 offers cross play with pc and mobile

GTgamer125d ago

Yeah because the biggest games of this year will be on my phone mannnnnnnnn what?

Mr_Wilson125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

@Showtime Yes. Who said different?

@GT the biggest game in the world right is surely Fortnite by most metrics, and yes it is on mobile. I have no idea what point you are trying to make.

rainslacker125d ago

Bethesda isn't known for trying to minimize complications that their customers may experience

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trooper_125d ago

When the average Joe buys consoles, they care about one thing only.


Bethseda needs to take a backseat, close the trap and make solid games people care about.

BlackTar187125d ago

They want Sonyto listen to them but treat Sony 2nd rate.

showtimefolks125d ago


They think playstation fans have forgotten how badly they treated us yet now they care I say screw it. If they want this than Sony should say if you don't want to release this on ps4 none of your future games will be on playstation and we will see real fast how their attitude changes

Playstation brand isn't dependant on one game or one developer

Saigon125d ago


That is what I was going to say, is the PlayStation Brand/System that dependent on one game. One game that is multiplat. Yeah, I am not trying to catch what they are throwing.

Sciurus_vulgaris126d ago

Cross-play is most beneficial to smaller games and games with smaller user bases. Big games like Fallout 76 likely will have large player bases on all its respective platforms. A hypothetical console release of Quake Champions however would likely benefit very significantly from cross-play as arena shooters don't hold large players when compared to more casual shooters. Cross-play can be seen as benefical and user friendly. However, cross-play likely doesn't have as big of an impact as some are claiming.

ImGumbyDammit125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

I believe that is 100% wrong. Those larger games require that larger audience that is for sure. And yes that audience will be there on all platforms they sell initially. But, over time no matter what plataform that game is on the user base will dwindle and the more it decreasess the faster it affects game play (gete matches, compete,etc.) and the faster it affects game play the faster and faster it loses users. It is a snow ball effect. Cross-play from a revenue generating point of view makes perfect sense for these game developers. It allows them to keep that population larger much longer than if it were done by each platform. Which in turns allows them to make money on the game for a longer amount of time. It is just simple econsomics for these companies. Although for gamers it is not about revenue, they do get the benefits that cross-play. Larger population over a longer period of time and possible cross-pllatform-progression are just two important reasons.

The funny thing is Sony (with a larger console population overall) would actually have the most to gain financially from a game like Doom being cross-play. It would mean that additonal MT revenue from the online games extended life would go into their coffers as well. Or do people actually believe users would drop their PS4 suddenly for an Xbox just because there is cross-play between PS4 and Xbox?

CaptainSellers126d ago

Allowing people to sell their used games is critical.

russo121125d ago

That's the big issue, not xplay.
I'm amazed how a corporation get into console flame wars, I just don't understand what is the purpose for something no one cares about and makes a great fuss about it.
Me, as a Sony console user, I don't need xplay.

ChristopherJack125d ago

They do, Bethesda's issue was an unauthorised 3rd party listing their game as brand new on Amazan despite Bethesda being unable to cover the warranty like a true brand new game from an authorised reseller.

I don't mind people getting pissy about stuff like this but at least know what you're getting pissy about first.

What I find more interesting is the anti-consumer approach consumers are taking to xplay. The first thing you say on this site, every time, is the blatantly obvious "it's not in Sony's best interest" or "Sony doesn't need", as if that were relevant.

rainslacker125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Except Bethesda doesn't require resellers of their games to be authorized. I know I never signed something for them, and have sold a few of their games over the years. Sold as new. If they required warranty service, then that's on Bethesda, because I also never signed anything saying I'd provide that service on their behalf.

Atanasrikard125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Is this sarcasm? Who isn't able to sell used games? Bethesda?

Jinger125d ago

When did bethesda ever say you can't sell used games? They said you can't sell used games as "New" like that guy was trying to do.

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