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Myst-Vearn733d ago

It's not that bad. I like Friday The 13th.

Kornholic733d ago

I paid 10 euros for it, played for 5 minutes. It was absolute dog shit.

KyRo733d ago

I'm with you korn. Teleporting Myers? Nope. The game has some really good ideas but is very poorly implemented.

rainslacker733d ago

Seems like a good game for October to be honest.

TheEnigma313732d ago

Jason is good once you know how to play it. And play with people who have mics and know what their doing.

IamTylerDurden1732d ago (Edited 732d ago )

Mediocre month made to look worse because of the fake leaks that promised the moon. Still better than GwG, but ultimately a disappointment. However, Friday the 13th and Rocketbirds 2 are good gets though.

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lxeasy733d ago

Laser League is awesome. I play it on Xbox all the time

nucky64733d ago

so, no sniper elite or nioh? that sucks.

blackblades733d ago

Well don't believe rumors, lol ya hyped just to be disappointed.

PoopsMcGee733d ago

I'm glad Nioh wasn't true. I already have it.

And Friday The 13th is more of a score for me than Sniper Elite.

Exvalos733d ago

Trust me it's not the game is horrible

Eidolon733d ago

I have Nioh and platinumed Diablo, so i didn't want the first "leak" to be true. And Sniper Elite 3 ultimate is on PS Now with download option.

PoopsMcGee733d ago (Edited 733d ago )

Forgot about the Diablo part of the rumor. Yeah, I have it already too.

sampsonon733d ago (Edited 733d ago )

Nioh? go get a job and buy it.

lol, Nioh?! Jesus.

KwietStorm733d ago

So do you say that for every game on PS Plus or Games with gold?

sampsonon733d ago


There was a time when i cared, but could care less now. I never said, Give us God Of War, but i have said i didn't like the choice of games.

How much time and money do you think Nioh, A 2017 GAME, took to make?

spoiled brats.

Weeblordbad733d ago

Judging by your posts here and in the past, you're a balanced person.

RememberThe357733d ago

Your tone is a little rough but yeah, Noih is dope. Go buy that shi+.

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Profchaos733d ago

Leaks have constantly been wrong lately

Jimneous733d ago

I had thought Gravity Rush Remastered might be on offer since I came across it in the PS store and it had a PS Plus free label, it had a price when I clicked on it however.

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Matrix6733d ago

Not much point in giving out actual decent games for Oct/Nov, far too many huge games coming out soon!

Sitdown733d ago (Edited 733d ago )

Don't know what's scarier, your logic or the fact that 11 people so far agree with you. There is no point in giving out old games in Oct/Nov that are actually decent because there far too many games coming out soon? What if people don't want the games coming out? What if there budget doesn't allow them the good games? Why can't the standard be decent games every month, despite what's being released?

CarlDechance733d ago

I’ve never even heard of it

coolbeans733d ago

It's a great MP game that deserves a chance.

LucasRuinedChildhood733d ago

Is it actually bad? It has a score of 82 on Metacritic and was made by the OlliOlli guys. It does have couch mp so I'll have to give it a go at least. Friday the 13th is an odd choice given that they recently gave away Dead by Daylight but I suppose it is the month of Halloween