Giant Realm Reviews Far Cry 2

Eric Schild writes, "I should get this out of the way: Far Cry 2 is not Far Cry. It's not even in the same realm of game as Far Cry. It is, in fact, Grand Theft Cameroon with a healthy dosage of awesome accents and general silliness."

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The_Perverted_Ninja3650d ago

This person is either very immature or a child. I love how most people really like this game but a couple really don't. Which is fine but those reviews seem to not be able to say what's wrong with the game at all. They just go on listing the features of the game and say they didn't live up to the hype but they don't follow up by saying why. This person should also proof read their review because it has so my errors it's hard to even think it was written by someone older than 13. I hope most wont take this review too serious because I have this game on PC and I have to say it's not the greatest game ever but it's a really good game that everyone should at least try. It may not be for you but you should enjoy it if you like FPS that aren't linear.

InMyOpinion3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

It's so wellmade and complete it's scary. I haven't found anything to complain about. Everything from the graphics to the sound to the gameplay mechanics and sheer entertainment is above all other FPS games I've played this year. I haven't even had time to check out the insane map editor yet.

rev203650d ago

The only problem i have with it is the AI is pretty terrible alot of the times they will just stand still shooting or drive towards you in a jeep hit or get stuck behind something and just sit there.

lekun13650d ago

Is the reason for the 8.5 reviews instead of a 9 or a 10 is because it is ubisoft canada making the game???

Erdrick3649d ago

rofl @ bison thing killing itself.