PLAY review: Dead Space

Weaving together elements from BioShock, Half-Life 2, and some of the best examples of sci-fi cinema, EA's Dead Space is a real patchwork quilt of a game as well as one of the most engrossing – and blood-spattered – survival-horror titles of recent times.

It all kicks off with protagonist Isaac Clarke, a space-engineer heeding an ominous distress call from the intergalactic mining ship USG Ishimura. Once onboard, Isaac and his two compatriots discover the ship's gothic innards have been infested with a plague of murderous life forms straight out of the body-shock nightmares of David Cronenberg. As Isaac searches for a way to escape the Ishimura alive, he begins to unravel the grisly fate of its crew and the origins of its hideous intruders.

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davesdavid925218d ago

Dead space is a good game i say 93/100
because of some glitches in the game that get annoying

unjust5218d ago

Its easily a 9.5. Reviewers are very critical towards horror games I've noticed which is funny seeing how there are more FPS that are similar to each other.