Telltale Games Hired New Employees As Early as a Week Before Closure, According to Former Dev

Following the devastating news of a massive layoff that occurred just this week at Telltale Games with no severance pay and no warning, news continues to pour out regarding the sudden shutdown and the situation surround what went down.

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Neonridr26d ago

That would be horrible. Imagine relocating across the country for this job only to be let go the next week.

gangsta_red26d ago

Tech companies do this all the time. Higher ups get the word early but don't tell anyone under them because of moral. So business moves as usual which means new hires coming on board.

I've seen this way too many times here in the bay area.

Neonridr26d ago

that's brutal. Hopefully all those talented devs end up finding work elsewhere.

Christopher26d ago

This is standard in Business, sadly. It's the exact same as you promote a product as being the biggest and best up until the moment comes to pull the plug. Same with this. I'm guessing TTG were looking everywhere they could for new money and keeping everything running as usual but whatever the upper people had fell through and then it was just a house of cards all the way down.

BLizardXD26d ago

they should work together with Supermassive Games or Dontnod Entertainment, either one.

Woofboy26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

The sad thing is a lot of them now have mortgages or apartment leases they can't afford. Their credit score is going to be ruined because of this.