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FallenAngel198428d ago

Please give those who lost their jobs their severance before announcing any game news. I can suffer without knowing the end to a fictional character's story arc. I'm more concerned of the reality we live in, our current economic state and the well-being those who have families.

TheUpbringer28d ago

You know what, you're right. I was pretty glad that they announced that they're trying to get the other episodes out, but if the people behind it aren't getting their proper dues, it wouldn't be right.

MasterChief362427d ago

I agree with the sentiment 100%, but I'm curious about your comment on the state of the economy. I thought it was doing pretty well nowadays as far as job climate is going? Not even comparing to the dearth of jobs following the 2008 financial collapse, I thought we were doing all right at the moment.

neocores805528d ago

Really suxs but what about all the people who paided for a full game now u guys want to fuck us over.

arkard28d ago

Didn't you read, they are trying to get the other episodes out

neocores805528d ago

Yes i did and i also read a few reddit post from some of the people who worked for taletell they are syaing they will either find someone to finish it up or they will release it in a video format.. Either way i want a refund for an item i will not get.

Razmiran27d ago

Its better if they pay their employees first