New beautiful screenshots for the Tomb Raider 2 remake in Unreal Engine 4, The Dagger Of Xian

DSOGaming writes: "In 2017, Nicobass impressed a lot of Tomb Raider fans as he released an incredible tech demo of Tomb Raider 2 in Unreal Engine 4, called Tomb Raider The Dagger Of Xian. Since then, this talented guy has been working on his fan project and recently released two new screenshots from it."

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clouds522d ago

I'd rather play this than shadow of the tomb raider... 🤷🏼‍♂️

PlatinumKing198222d ago

Your loss, Shadow Of The Tomb Raider is great i'm having a blast with it.

Inzo22d ago

When is the release date? Make it happen.

spicelicka22d ago

It bothers me that all people talk about is Lara's design but no one talks about the DINOSAURS! That was the best part of Tomb Raider they took away! I have no idea why they strayed away from cool creatures and went for realism instead.