Vita Means Life - A Retrospective (2011-2019)

VGChartz's Adam Cartwright: "With the sad but expected news that Sony is finally discontinuing production of PlayStation Vita hardware worldwide (combined with the earlier news that cartridge production was stopping in the west), it marks what will likely be the final chapter in the extraordinary journey for this little handheld that could. Despite its own creator rapidly withdrawing development support, third-parties cancelling projects left and right, and more internet negativity than I've ever seen for a console, it just kept trucking on - delivering a brilliant gaming experience for anyone willing to give it a shot.

So in light of this news I wanted to deliver a brief retrospective to what has become my favourite gaming machine ever, looking back at all the things it has done so well throughout its life, alongside a short look at what its final year might hold from here. While it's sad to see the Vita finally reaching the end of its life, there have been so many brilliant experiences along the way that I want to celebrate these here - and I know I've (personally) got many more years of enjoyment to come thanks to my backlog too!"

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