Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater - Official Unreal Engine 5 Trailer | Xbox Partner Preview

Get a glimpse at how the remake of Metal Gear Solid 3 will be updated through the use of Unreal Engine 5.

Snookies12169d ago

It looks wonderful visually. Frame rate is very inconsistent though, and definitely running sub-30's at times. I get that this is an alpha version. I just hope we can hit a locked 60 on the final release. Also, I kind of wish they'd expanded the areas a bit. Might feel a bit odd going through these sections that are still clearly going to be on a PS2 scale in size.

neutralgamer1992168d ago

They should expand where necessary and I really hope they do justice to this remake. IMO this remake should be top tier like dead space, resident evil 2 & 4 and demon souls

I am speaking quality wise

CrimsonWing69169d ago

Holy sh*t that looks good! I hope they don't censor it.

GamerRN168d ago

What is there to censor, I never played 3

autobotdan169d ago

An Xbox adventure in the jungle

BehindTheRows169d ago

*A multiplatform adventure in the jungle.

autobotdan168d ago

Mentions xbox on n4g. Prepares for nasty n4g comments replys

BehindTheRows168d ago

I mean, you can say that to yourself while you're drugged up on Xbox pills. Changes nothing. :)

autobotdan168d ago

Man you get insulted whan someone mentions xbox. You might need medicine

BehindTheRows168d ago

"Insulted" — says the guy running around like a headless chicken trying to convince folks to care about his favorite box. Ok champ!

BehindTheRows168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

If you actually have a counter argument to this being a multiplatform game and how "A multiplatform adventure in the jungle" was a "nasty reply", I'm all ears.

I'll even help you... what is the counter to this being a multiplatform game and why is that a nasty reply?

autobotdan168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

I was never in any argument or debate. You accused me of being on xbox pills. That was a nasty reply. I am done here. Not going to waste my time here

BehindTheRows168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

I mean, if someone responds to you with a factual correction and you reply with "Xbox xbox xbox", I'm not sure what kind of response should be expected.

If someone replied with "Ps ps ps", I'm sure you would wonder what is going on, especially if nothing wrong was said to you.

autobotdan168d ago

A factual correction?? What the..? I'm very confused here What were you correcting?

BehindTheRows168d ago

I thought you were done? :P

Answer: it's just as much a PlayStation/PC adventure as it is Xbox.

autobotdan168d ago

So i hurt your feelings by not mentioning Playstation/pc on an Xbox event article correct?

BehindTheRows168d ago

Hurt MY feelings? Once again, if someone replies with "Xbox xbox xbox", it's clear that they are affected by something more than they should be. You then double down with some BS about N4G (like this place is immune to trash talked about anyone else but them).

Plus, I thought you were leaving? You can't help yourself. XD

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aaronaton169d ago

Unreal Engine...how disappointing.

Apovyk169d ago

UE5 is the best looking engine on the market today - why is that disappointing?

RedDeadLB169d ago

Because, at the moment, the most technically problematic and disappointing games run on it. 540p upscaled next gen goodness.

DarXyde169d ago

Disappointing if resolution is a huge deal for you.

Personally, I feel a re-tooled FOX Engine would have done great. If it was a PS5/PC only title, I think Decima would have been an excellent choice.

RaidenBlack168d ago

Unreal:s own performance issues and Causing death of proprietary engines